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2016-02-08 Interview Workshop job_seekers
2016-02-08 Registering Your Business *Also available online* entrepreneurs
2016-02-10 Leverage Your LinkedIn *also available online* job_seekers
2016-02-10 Jump-Start Your Business & Financing Options *also available online* entrepreneurs
2016-02-11 Group Coaching for Artists artists
2016-02-15 Training With the Experts: Public Service Commission of Canada *also available online* job_seekers
2016-02-15 Business Bootcamp entrepreneurs
2016-02-15 Résumé Workshop *also available online* job_seekers
2016-02-16 Learn@Lunch Series: Basics On Our Relationship With Money entrepreneurs
2016-02-17 *NEW* Communication Styles & Your Career job_seekers
2016-02-18 *NEW* Legal Pitfalls of Commercial Leases *also available online* entrepreneurs artists
2016-02-22 Jump-Start Your Art & Financing Options *also available online* artists

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2016-02-05 Luthier - Team Leader
2016-02-04 Italian Food Chef
2016-02-04 Web Developer, Platform Services
2016-02-04 Producer, Mobile
2016-02-04 Puzzle Master
2016-02-04 Office and Communications Assistant
2016-02-04 Security Guard
2016-02-04 Technician/Machinist for Smartwatch Manufacturing
2016-02-03 iOS+Android Developer
2016-02-03 Full Stack Developer
2016-02-03 Software Program Manager


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2016-01-19 YES January Newsletter
2015-12-14 YES December Newsletter
2015-11-09 YES November Newsletter


With an uphill battle to break into his industry Michael Elman discovers every setback is a lesson #YESsilverlinings