Careers in Video Game Production/Design
Thursday, February 28, 6:30pm - 8:30pm

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Have you wondered what it takes to develop a successful career in Video Gaming in Montreal? Have you considered pursuing a career in Video Gaming but don't really know what it involves?

Computer and video game development is a fast-growing entertainment field, with a lot to offer you professionally and creatively. Just like any other career choice, you will need a sharp skill set and qualifications. Games are as competitive as any entertainment industry, and it's not easy to get that first job.

Montreal is seen as the international hot-bed for the gaming community, so if video gaming is your passion, you will not want to miss this Career Night. The Career Exploration Workshop Series is designed to provide participants with an opportunity to meet industry professionals in an interactive, small-group setting.

In this workshop, professionals from Video Gaming will discuss labour market trends and the skills needed to succeed. An interactive question and answer period will follow each discussion.

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Clark Davies – AI Designer, Ubisoft
Clark Davies has been in the gaming industry for over eleven years and has shipped six games. After cutting his teeth as a Games Tester, he became a Game Designer at Sony's Studio Liverpool in the UK, working on all design aspects of the Wipeout racing game franchise, and also on the Formula One games at the studio. In 2008, he moved to Montreal to join Ubisoft Entertainment, and has spent the last four years working on Far Cry 3, primarily designing the presentation, game economy and character progression systems.  He is currently working on an unannounced project.

Louis- Philippe Durand – Senior Environment Artist, Warner Bros
For over 10 years, Louis-Philippe Durand  has worked in illustration, animation, 3d models, texture, UI artist (user interface), story boarding, leading a team and most of all... creating dreams for people who are just like him.  At a very young age, it was already easy for other people to see who he was and what he would become: an Artist.  Most of his school books were covered with drawings of monsters, robots and complex buildings from a distant future.  But just like any other kid (and teenager) aspiring to become an artist, Louis-Phillipe had to first study the basics, which meant Art School at Cegep Saint-Laurent.  After that, he then spent one year in the Cinema Industry at Concordia University.  At that time, universities did not offer any programs related to his interest, which essentially was video gaming, so he decided to go to a specialized school, Centre National d'Animation et du design du Quebec or more shortly NAD.  For one year he studied every possible aspect of the industry, and during this time, he put together a solid demo which began his adventure with gaming behemoth, Ubisoft.  He is now working for Warner Bros., where he is a Senior Environment Artist on a large project that has not yet been announced. His recent accomplishments include having finished for Ubisoft’s Farcry 3.

Tanya Short – Senior Designer, Funcom
In 2008, Tanya earned a Master's degree in Interactive Technology with a specialization in Level Design, from the Guildhall at Southern Methodist University. She worked her way up to a Senior Designer at Funcom. Tanya has worked in Senior Design roles in Age of Conan, The Secret World, and Fashion Week Live. She also contributes to Indie projects in her free time, such as the acclaimed Dungeons of Fayte. She spoke at the Montreal International Game Summit in November 2012, presenting problems with co-operative multiplayer gameplay and potential design solutions. Tanya also co-coordinates Pixelles, an initiative to introduce more women to the Gaming Industry. She can be found on most social networks as Tanya X Short.

Dean Anderson – Director, Creative Development, BioWare
Joining BioWare Edmonton nearly 2 decades ago, Dean Andersen first started his career in the Games Industry as an Artist working in the fields of Environment Art, Character Art, VFX and UI. Dean worked on projects such as Shattered Steel, the Baldur’s Gate series, Jade Empire and StarWars: Knights of the Old Republic; while eventually moving into an Art Director role for Dragon Age: Origins.  In 2009, Dean transitioned into a different side of the business, working studio wide as Director of Art and Animation. In 2010, he was offered the opportunity to move to Montreal as the Director of Creative Development overseeing the Art, Animation and Design teams across the studio during which time BioWare Edmonton and BioWare Montreal released Dragon Age II, Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3.  The BioWare Montreal Studio is currently working on the next full title in the Mass Effect Universe.


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