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2019-02-20 Jump-Start Your Business & Financing Tips *also available online* entrepreneurs
2019-02-21 Business Bootcamp entrepreneurs
2019-02-21 *New* Navigating & Thriving in a New Work Culture *also available online* job_seekers
2019-02-22 Registering Your Business *also available online* entrepreneurs
2019-02-22 Jump Start Your Job Search Express *also available online* job_seekers
2019-02-25 How to: Ace Interview Questions job_seekers
2019-02-26 Canadian Résumés: What You Need to Know *also available online* job_seekers
2019-02-26 SEO for Beginners *also available online* entrepreneurs artists
2019-03-04 Jump-Start Your Art & Financing Options *also available online* artists
2019-03-05 How To: Get Clarity on Your Professional Identity job_seekers
2019-03-05 *NEW* Google Ads for Beginners *also available online* entrepreneurs artists
2019-03-11 How to: Nail Your Next Interview *also available online* job_seekers

Latest Jobs

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2019-02-19 Customer Service Agent | E-Commerce (24-40hrs)
2019-02-18 Grant Writer
2019-02-18 Business Coach
2019-02-18 Customer Service
2019-02-16 Service Technician Irrigation/Lighting
2019-02-15 Bookkeeper
2019-02-15 Collective Garden Facilitator
2019-02-15 Horticultural facilitator for community gardens
2019-02-15 Senior Press brake operator
2019-02-15 Assistant Manager Private Training Gym
2019-02-15 Business Development Manager


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2019-02-07 YES February Newsletter
2018-12-22 Helping young English Montrealers find work - Interview on Global News with Aki Tchitacov
2018-12-17 YES December / January Newsletter


We're excited that Cheryl Sim (Managing Director + Curator, DHC/ART Foundation for Contemporary Art) will be keynot…
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