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2017-10-20 Jump Start Your Job Search Information Session *also available online* job_seekers
2017-10-23 Interview Preparation Workshop job_seekers
2017-10-23 Jump-Start Your Art & Financing Options *also available online* artists
2017-10-24 Jump Start Your Job Search Information Session *also available online* job_seekers
2017-10-25 Interview Practice Clinic job_seekers
2017-10-25 Jump-Start Your Business & Financing Options *also available online* entrepreneurs
2017-10-25 *NEW* Sponsorship 101 (also available online) entrepreneurs artists
2017-10-26 *NEW* Mastering the Art of Negotiation for Job Seekers (also available online) artists
2017-10-27 Registering Your Business *also available online* entrepreneurs
2017-10-30 Résumé Writing Workshop *also available online* job_seekers
2017-11-01 Leverage Your LinkedIn *also available online* job_seekers
2017-11-07 French for Job Seekers job_seekers entrepreneurs artists

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2017-10-20 Customer Service Consultant
2017-10-20 Line Cook
2017-10-20 Martial Arts Instructor
2017-10-20 Inventory Clerk
2017-10-20 Store Manager
2017-10-20 Shipping Clerk
2017-10-19 Truck Technician
2017-10-19 delivery fast food driver
2017-10-19 Postes à temps partiel
2017-10-19 Line Cook
2017-10-19 Customer Service Specialist


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2017-10-12 YES October Newsletter
2017-09-14 YES September Newsletter
2017-09-08 English-speaking job seekers in Quebec regions face gaps and barriers
2017-08-17 YES August Newsletter
2017-08-10 YES to receive funding to improve retention and advancement of women in STEM industries in Montreal


Artists! Join @OliviaDiamond and find out what potential sponsors are looking for and what you can offer to them.…