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2018-02-23 Jump Start Your Job Search Express *also available online* job_seekers
2018-02-26 Interview Practice Clinic job_seekers
2018-02-27 Jump Start Your Job Search Express *also available online* job_seekers
2018-02-27 *NEW* Sales 2.0: The Science Hacks to get Better at Sales (also available online) entrepreneurs
2018-02-28 Self-Assessment job_seekers
2018-02-28 Jump-Start Your Business & Financing Options *also available online* entrepreneurs
2018-03-02 Registering Your Business *also available online* entrepreneurs
2018-03-05 Jump-Start Your Art & Financing Options *also available online* artists
2018-03-05 Résumé Writing Workshop *also available online* job_seekers
2018-03-06 Tax Tips for Individuals in Business *also available online* entrepreneurs
2018-03-07 Interview Preparation Workshop job_seekers
2018-03-12 *NEW* Five Ways To Introduce Yourself: Networking for Newcomers job_seekers

Latest Jobs

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2018-02-23 Baker/Pâtissier
2018-02-23 Communications Coordinator
2018-02-23 Warehouse Team Employee
2018-02-22 In-Home caregiver ( Westmount)
2018-02-21 In-Home Caregiver
2018-02-21 Network Engineer
2018-02-20 Assistant Cook
2018-02-20 Customer Service - Bilingual
2018-02-20 Customer Service Relations Representative (Part-Time) 20-25 hours
2018-02-20 Distribution Coordinator
2018-02-20 Project Manager


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2018-02-19 YES February Newsletter
2018-01-22 Community Leaders Forum To Address Challenges Facing Women In STEM Industries
2017-12-21 YES December / January Newsletter


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