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2021-01-27 French for Job Seekers *online workshop series* job_seekers entrepreneurs artists
2021-01-27 Jump-Start Your Business & Financing Tips *online workshop* entrepreneurs
2021-01-27 *NEW* Online Q&A Session for Job Seekers *online workshop* job_seekers
2021-01-27 *NEW* Your Money Matters: Getting Ready for the 2020 Tax Season *online workshop* artists
2021-01-29 Jump Start Your Job Search Express *online workshop* job_seekers
2021-01-30 *NEW* ELLEvate Intensive Seminar: What Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) Do For Your Business? *online workshop* entrepreneurs
2021-02-01 Get Your Resume Noticed *online workshop* job_seekers
2021-02-01 Jump-Start Your Art & Financing Options *online workshop* artists
2021-02-01 Business Bootcamp Evening Session *online workshop series* entrepreneurs
2021-02-02 *NEW* Job Search Strategies During Covid-19 *online workshop* job_seekers
2021-02-02 Tax Tips for Individuals in Business and the Benefits of Incorporation *online workshop* entrepreneurs
2021-02-03 *NEW* Online Q&A Session for Job Seekers *online workshop* job_seekers

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2021-01-26 Administrative Assistant
2021-01-26 Clinical Manager
2021-01-26 Assistant Coordinator, Day Camps
2021-01-26 Specialized Counsellor – Sports Camp
2021-01-26 Counsellor, Day Camps
2021-01-26 Inclusion Specialist, Day Camps
2021-01-26 Junior Counsellor, Day Camps
2021-01-26 Project Manager (currently remote)
2021-01-26 Office Assistant
2021-01-26 Learning Solutions Designer
2021-01-26 Reference Systems Coordinator


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2020-11-10 Meet the Winner of the 2020 Iris Unger Recognition Award


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