*NEW* Step Inside the What The Pop! Virtual Gallery

In case you missed the events in early September, we just released a new Virtual Gallery featuring the creative emerging artists from our What the Pop! Pop Up Exhibition events this year. Step inside the What The Pop! Virtual Gallery to view and purchase original works by 38 talented emerging artists in our community and discover performance artists who are making their mark on local stages all over Quebec.

The What The Pop! Virtual Gallery features the following Visual & Performance Artists:

Adrienne Gantenberg (Costume Designer)
Alyssa Rae (Multimedia Visual Artist)
Andria Piperni (Musician)‚Äč
Camille Huang (Visual Artist)

Colette Campbell-Moscrop (Visual Artist)
Daian Tang (Clothing Designer)
Dariia Dziuba (Illustrator)
Efi Spass (Visual Artist)
Élias (Visual Artist)
Goldengen (Printmaker)
Izabelle (Musician)
Jonathan Wilansky (Visual Artist)
Kate Hammer (Writer And Performer)
Kay De Prendimano (Graphic Novelist)
Kelly Rendek (Painter)
Madame Cristina Art (Visual Artist)
Mandi Morgan (Multimedia Visual Artist)
Matthew Bennett Young (Illustrator & Writer)
Meg Harnum (Painter)

Mike Fan with Tanya Smania (Opera Singer & Drag Performer)
Naghmeh and the Southern Shores (Singer & Songwriter)
Naomi Cohen (Contemporary Photographer)
Precious Penman Calligraphy (Calligrapher)
Raphë (Visual Artist)
Sam Kasirer-Smibert (Painter & Printmaker)
Shanna Segal (Visual Artist)
Studio Barn Owl (Illustrator)
Tanya Omelchuk Art (Painter)
Tatyani Quintanilha (Visual Artist)
Tonya Cattan (Singer & Songwriter)
Toxic (Street Artist)
Véronique Leduc (Visual Artist)
Whck (Fashion Designer)
Yolanda Marie Ruzilo (Photographer)
Yashowardhan (Visual Artist)
Zoé Boivin (Visual Artist)
Zoë Gelfant (Painter)
Zoe Qiu (Illustrator)

Watch a video featuring highlights from this year's edition >>>

The What the Pop! initiative was designed to provide vital exposure to the talented emerging artists of Quebec and we encourage you to browse their work, buy their art and support Quebec's creative talent.
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Our goal is to offer support to artists as they learn to monetize their art, build their artistic CV and make connections.
For more information, please contact Mariana Stabilé.