What The Pop! A Pop-Up Boutique, Gallery and Performance for All - Call For Submissions Coming Spring 2019.


Stay tuned for the next What The POP! Art Exhibition Series taking place in summer of 2019.
We'll be posting information on the Call for Submissions soon!

What The Pop! is a series of pop-up exhibitions - each showcasing a different group of artists. 
Here's a list of the artists who participated in 2018.
Anders Bayly https://baylycraft.com/ 
Bri Foster https://brifoster.com/ 
Emilie Coquil https://www.instagram.com/anitchacreation/
Gabrielle Elliott Atelier Triangle 
Ivan Atehortua https://www.solalcomics.com/ 
Jean-François Brucel https://www.brucelstudio.com/ 
faiasol http://arkofthesun.com/ 
Maria Trujilo 
Moon Nakhala
Natalia Delgado https://wisewhiskers.com/
Valerie Whissell THE ITs Ok PROJECT
Wai Au http://waiau.ca/ 
Zahraa Hayat Sbaiti https://www.instagram.com/hayat.alnufus/ 
Alexia McKinsey  http://alexiamckindsey.com/
Aliah Schwartz  https://www.aliahschwartz.ca/
Annie Lafrance
Brooke Jurdak https://brookejurdak.com/password 
Chase Cancilla 
Clara Congdon http://claracongdon.com/ 
Claudia Cachay-Osorio 
David Goldberg
Hall  https://davidhall.workbooklive.com/
Fatimah Rehman 
DJ Overflow 
Holly MacKinnon  https://www.hollymackinnon.com/ 
Ian MacLeod 
Ingrid Agbato https://www.coo-mon.ca/fr/accueil 
Iuliana Irimia https://www.iulianairimia.com/ 
Jordan Treimanis Art with Jord 
Lyndon Polan www.lyndonpolan.com 
Maia Thomlinson http://www.mdthomlinson.com/
Marielle Camozzi - http://www.mariellecamozzi.com/
Marta Barnes 
Melisa Veillette
Natalie Chicoine https://www.facebook.com/natalie.chicoine.9/media_set?set=a.1124708687563174.1073741828.100000721612901&type=3
Nicole Small  https://www.instagram.com/oneononeartportraits/
Nova Lee Fortier novaleefortier.com
Rad Rouse www.instagram.com/eye_b_rad/
Sarah Rosenberg - https://www.sarahpenina.com/
Toby Wesenberg www.tobywesenberg.com 
Victoria Niya www.instagram.com/victoria.niya.art/
Vintage Mekare  https://www.instagram.com/vintagemekare/ 
Yolanda Marie Ruzilo - www.ymruzilo.com 
Zi Di Zhu - https://nebularswamp.neocities.org/ 

Triple Scale Games (Frederic Bohn, Isabela Pedrosa, Renato Renboucas & Pierre Picard), digital gaming - http://triplescalegames.com/ 
Monica Pena Cid - https://www.artotra.mx/canada 
ILLNESS - https://illnessart.wordpress.com/ 
V4LYUM - www.v4lyum.com
Mattey Ossom -https://soundcloud.com/asariing/tracks 
Renald Boyd -https://m.facebook.com/jamhaitian 
Chloé Fortier  www.n0rth.ca 
Eliza Moore  elizamoore.com 
Karen Chung  Karen Chung
Yoni Chekhanovich  https://soundcloud.com/user-462064084 
Yemisi Adeleye - https://www.instagram.com/yemi.sees/?hl=ne
Joséphine Sterling – https://www.instagram.com/josephine.theartjourney/?hl=ne
Rebecca Taylor - https://www.facebook.com/authorrebeccarosetaylor/
Zoe Lambrinakos-Raymond

Mariia Kovalezska 
Oksana Gerych
Ljudmila Jurcovsky

For more information, please contact Mariana Stabilé mstabile@yesmontreal.ca  514-878-9788 ext. 316.

This project is funded by: