What The Pop! A Free Pop-Up Boutique, Gallery & Performance for All

On August 10, 17 & 24, we're hosting three pop-up exhibitions - each showcasing a different group of artists - in key Montreal neighbourhoods that are known hubs for arts and culture. 

The submissions have been outstanding and the selection committee - a jury of 4 local leaders in the arts and business community - will be responsible for selecting 50 emerging artists out of 90 submissions to participate in the exhibitions.

The art itself ranges from music, crafts, fashion, photography, painting, drawing and mixed media, from artists all over the province of Quebec.

We’re truly excited to introduce you to the 50 chosen artists who will be revealed soon!  


Tara Baswani - Award Winning Performing Artist, Songwriter/Composer, Experience Designer and Entertainment Strategist
Tara Baswani is an award winning performing artist, music composer/producer, Founder and Creative Director at LembasWorks and ‘Entertainment for Impact’ strategist.

The first Indian musician to collaborate with the Cirque Du Soleil, she now develops talent for them globally as music director, casting partner and strategic advisor. Her multicultural narratives with the company has featured on The Tonight Show (Jay Leno), The Late Night Show (Conan O’ Brien), Fuji TV, CBC and through world tours. 

Tara’s solo project, Quest (2015) debuted to acclaim on CBC, NPR, KEXP, Sirius XM, and has been acknowledged at international stages like TIFF 2015, Hatch (2016) for orchestrating dialogues on intersectional human issues and environmental initiatives. Her vision for “Creators as Catalysts for Change” was recognized at COP21, Paris (2015) as was her design company, Lembas, for its eco responsible, interactive show design.

Ambassador for "Cultural and Philosophical Expressions for Social Change" at the World Social Forum, (Montreal, 2016), Tara has represented India and Canada as an Artist/Speaker with her philosophy of "Creating your Purpose” through Arts & Entertainment.

Recipient of the prestigious Herald Angel Award, Tara broke professional ground as a leading creative voice in media, with shows on National Geographic, Discovery, MTV and clients like Pepsi, L'Oreal and more. Her solo & collaborative creations have been presented through North America, Asia and Europe, on stages ranging from The Royal Albert Hall, Place Des Arts, South Bank Center, Fuji Dome and to universities like MIT, McGill, and IIT.

As co-founder of LembasWorks, an entertainment for social impact agency, she brings over 25 years of international experience in global entertainment markets to create and produce unique cultural experiences connecting the worlds of design, entertainment and business, with education, environmental and social good. The firm also provides creative strategy, and producing mentorship for diverse creators.

Tara’s philosophy is to transform social challenges as catalysts for innovative and responsible creation. An ardent voice for creator’s re-inventing their platforms to ignite inclusive narratives, she creates education and thought leadership initiatives through an arts workshop series called the Daily Quest.
Sterling Downey -  Artist, Festival Organizer, Politician
As Vice-President of Montreal City Council and, recently, Deputy Mayor of the City of Montreal, Sterling Downey has a longstanding career rooted in community-based and cultural work operating to impact local, provincial and national action and decision-making processes. 

In his role with Projet Montréal, Downey has become an advocate for issues of homelessness and animal welfare. Through his tireless work in community, Downey has witnessed first-hand the potential for empowering people through action. Through his previous youth work, Downey has taken on a community member role on the Board of Directors for Rainbow Umbrella, an LGBTQ+ organization based in Verdun.

Downey is widely known as the co-founder of the Under Pressure Festival, North America’s longest-running urban arts festival. Under Pressure’s mandate is to support local urban artists as well as create a space for dialogue between citizens about graffiti culture. Through these events many up-and-coming artists have been given a platform from which to build their careers.

Over the past 25 years Downey’s involvement in and across the arts has enabled him to develop many unprecedented entrepreneurial projects and creative enterprises. Publishing an internationally distributed magazine for 10 years, co-founding a Canadian Record Label and, notably, inaugurating the Fresh Paint gallery, Montreal’s first ephemeral urban art space.  Through his work in different arts environments Downey has long been active in defending artists’ rights and is frequently invited as a lecturer and panellist at Universities across the country. In recognition of the ingenuity of Downey’s work he was selected in 2017 as one of 21 Montreal visionary entrepreneurs and creators by the McCord Museum in tribute to William Notman.

Most recently Downey helped co-initiate the Under Pressure-Sharon McGoogan bursary for commitment to the arts. Awarded to two high school students per year, this is a convergence of his dedication to community, youth work and the arts.
Emily Enhorning - Membership Services Coordinator, ELAN (English Language Arts Network)
Emily Enhorning recently completed her B.A. at McGill University, where she studied English Literature and Gender Studies. She spent the last few months writing her honours thesis, which compared the Canadian Pacific Railway to Amazon drone delivery. Now, she is excited to bring her energy back to writing, printmaking, and community arts organizing.  

Emily is the Membership Services Coordinator at ELAN (English Language Arts Network), a non-profit organization that supports Quebec's English speaking artists and arts communities. Through ELAN, she is currently collaborating on initiatives around artists' health and accessibility, as well as developing new membership services in response to changing community need. 

Through ELAN, she is currently collaborating on initiatives around artists' health and accessibility, as well as developing new membership services in response to changing community need. 
Marie-Michele Fillion, Artists' Business Coach
For over 15 years, Marie-Michele Fillion has worked closely with artists as an entrepreneurship coach and cultural organization consultant. She has extensive experience in theatre, music, visual and digital arts, film and publishing from both the corporate and non-profit sectors.  

Trained as a classical musician and an actor, Marie holds a diploma in classical piano from École de musique Vincent d’Indy. She also holds a B.A. in Theatre from Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) and a M.A in Theatre from UQAM, where she did an internship at the Paris Opera Bastille in 2005. Most recently, she graduated from HEC Montreal with a Masters in Management of Cultural Enterprises.

Marie lived and worked in France and Switzerland during the 2000’s and 2010’s where she developed several projects in theatre, music, visual arts and publishing and created partnerships with artists and arts centres all over Europe. Marie is now based in Montreal, and before joining YES as their artist coach, she worked for the Society for Arts and Technology (SAT) where she was in charge of the Artist’s Residency Program.


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Our goal is to offer support to artists as they learn to monetize their art, build their artistic CV and make connections.

For more information, please contact Mariana Stabilé mstabile@yesmontreal.ca 514-878-9788 ext. 316.