What the Pop! Meet the Members of our Selection Committee

On the weekend of September 4 - September 6, we're hosting various pop-up exhibitions - each showcasing a different group of artists - in key Montreal neighbourhoods that are known hubs for arts and culture. 

The submissions have been outstanding so far and the selection committee - a jury of 4 local leaders in the arts and business community - will be responsible for selecting 50 emerging artists out of the submissions to participate in the exhibitions.

The art itself ranges from music, crafts, fashion, photography, painting, drawing and mixed media, from artists all over the province of Quebec.

We’re truly excited to introduce you to the chosen artists who will be revealed soon!  

Ingrid de Rauglaudre 
Artist relations at Gallea 

Ingrid is an arts enthusiast whose personal mission is to support artists by helping them promote their artwork and themselves. She is also an advocate in using creativity as a means to improve well-being, assisting education and personal development. Ingrid believes that art can be a powerful stimulus to drive social change in our communities. 

With a background in business and languages, and a solid sales experience in various sectors, Ingrid has been working closely with diverse artists in galleries and arts organizations in Spain, France and England since 2013, exposing herself to distinct cultural experiences and representing artists internationally. 

Inspired by a mission close to her heart: to make art accessible everywhere; in January 2020, Ingrid joins Gallea, Canada's fastest growing online art gallery and exhibition venues network, where she has been working to create opportunities for artists to increase their online and offline visibility.  
Patrick Mainville
Musician, Artist

Musician, artist, entrepreneur and handyman, Patrick Mainville is passionate about many different types of projects. In 2005, Patrick founded Musicopratik Inc studios, a place for music & creativity, as well as a meeting spot for many musicians from the greater Montreal area. Patrick is always in search of new challenges, which is why in 2009 he joined a circus group Les Parfaits Inconnus as musical director and technical director, where he participated in the production of three performances that toured the world. Dedicated to his community in Verdun, Patrick works as technical director of events for SDC Wellington. He also organizes the Puppet Festival and the Panache et Bois Rond sugar shack. Finally, Patrick has also found the time to join a film team, deisgning and manufacturing sets for several Quebec and American films. 
Gonzalo Soldi
Co-Founder, Creative Director, HUB

Gonzalo Soldi moved to Montreal in 2003 after studying architecture in Lima, Peru. He came to Montreal to begin his career as a circus artist, where his skills in juggling and acrobatics quickly led him to the Avignon and Aurillac festivals in 2005. Very early in his practice, he developed a strong interest in the use of video and lighting technologies in the performing arts and their integration into theatre. He began developing new skills in technology in 2008 while on tour with Cavalia as a video director, before studying production at the National Theater School of Canada, from 2011 to 2014. He went on to collaborate with dance, theater and arts companies on stage such as Le Carré des Lombes, VYV, Finzi Pasca and Franco Dragone before co-founding HUB Studio in 2015 with Thomas Payette where he took on the role of creative director. Since then he has been creative director and lighting designer for shows, narrative spaces and public works of art. 
Gonzalo Coloma
Artist Business Coach, YES

After completing an engineering degree, Gonzalo ran away with the circus - literally. He completed his circus studies at the world-renowned National Circus School of Montreal and went on to enjoy an incredible career with different circus companies like Cirque du Soleil, Cirque Eloize, and Disney World. Always keeping his entrepreneurial spirit, Gonzalo founded two circus companies and toured with them in over 20 countries. As an artist business coach at YES, Gonzalo wants to help artists monetize their art, define and achieve medium- and long-term goals that will allow them to create a stronger brand for their work and encourage and inspire them throughout their artistic journey.

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Our goal is to offer support to artists as they learn to monetize their art, build their artistic CV and make connections.
For more information, please contact Mariana Stabilé mstabile@yesmontreal.ca 514-878-9788 ext. 316.