Media Relations Expert & Creative/Eco Project Developer

Having worked in a business environment for over 25 years, amassed expertise and experience in eco-tourism, media relations, networking, import/export & the fashion industry.

Has achieved two Canadian records in trekking; an across Canada cycling trip (Vancouver to Halifax), reported in over 120 media outlets and a Nova Scotia to Quebec canoe expedition, reported by 30 media partners in Canada & US.

Has given over 250 interviews to different media across Canada in French & in English and maintains relationships with 12 senior journalists from various media outlets in Montreal. Blogs for Huffington Post Quebec & Prospérité Québec (Conseil du Patronat du Quebec) on tourism matters and lectured at UQAM, Concordia U, Dawson College on the same topic.

Initiated "urban camping" studies & planning for cities of Montreal & for the National Capital Commission (Ottawa ON). As an experienced event organizer he has coordinated training events at the Assemblée Nationale du Québec, Hôtel de Ville de Québec, and Hôtel de Ville de Montréal. He has also put together press conferences and less formal occasions such as wine tastings for BC and Beaujolais in Vancouver.Having attended over 1000 networking events, both formal and informal, has learned how to make effective first contact with people of different ages and backgrounds.

Since mid-1990s has developed an excellent knowledge of Import /export to Asia, namely China, Japan. Developed networks in business, government relations and cultural relations both in Montreal and abroad. Some areas of interest and work experience include Minerals (ore, natural resources), alcoholic beverages (mao tai, sake, ice wine and ice cider export etc.) and cultural activities (e.g. fine arts).

Worked 6 years in fashion in the 1990’s and developed an understanding of the creation and the maintenance of an efficient supply chain – including working with designers, fabric suppliers, manufacturers. Knowledgeable of the distribution side, such as, developing a network of retailers across Canada and experienced in brand development using social media, advertising and fashion shows.

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