Entrepreneur, Publisher & Cultural Curator

A business consultant and serial entrepreneur, with experience in starting and growing businesses. 
Experienced entrepreneur, co-founded the first business consulting firm in KSA run by women and provided consultancy services to chamber of the commerce in several cities. 
Out of her love of books, launched a publishing business for high quality children’s books in Canada. Has published and marketed close to 100 books. Is currently launching an online bookstore to market children’s books. 
Has established an organization that aims to build cultural and humanitarian bridges by providing culturally focused social and educational services, and promoting cross-cultural events. 
Entrepreneurship is about constantly moving forward in a determined manner, mitigating risks and meeting challenges as they arise. As a business consultant, has advised clients in various industries assisting them during the launch and growth of their businesses. Worked with clients in retail and the restaurant business in positioning their products/services and putting together winning teams.

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