​Music Business Executive

Founder and President of the Trebas Institute (since 1979), an award winning private career college offering accredited programs in the art, technology and business of film/audio production.  
Founding Director and Past President of the American Music & Entertainment Industry Educators Association.  Advisor in entertainment industry education to universities around the world.
Past Production Manager for a major record company and Recording Engineer/Producer having worked with Roy Orbison, Tina Turner, Otis Redding, Clive Davis, Phil Ramone, Bruce Swedien and Phil Spector. 
Education: B.A. with specialization in Theatre Arts and Cinematography; M.A. studies in Educational Technology;
Ph.D. studies in Communications.
Experience: film/TV/audio media production; interpersonal communications; career planning counselling; goal setting; organizational management; entrepreneurship; strategies for personal & professional success; curriculum development. 

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