Business Startup & Growth Specialist

Experienced business development professional and entrepreneur. Following a successful corporate career in engineering, management and marketing, transitioned career into entrepreneurship, founding and developing 3 businesses over the past 15 years. 

Currently, in parallel with own business activities, works with other entrepreneurs in taking their business concept to market and succeed through mentoring, coaching and consulting. Helps startup entrepreneurs as well as established business owners across a variety of sectors in managing and growing their enterprise and increasing profitability through business model design, strategizing, planning, adopting best practices and acquiring key resources. 

Two areas of interest and work are integrating social missions and shared-value strategies in business model design to create measurable economic values and competitive advantage by addressing social concerns. 

Also works as an educator, teaching university courses in business strategy and marketing as well as an enthusiastic community volunteer serving not-for-profit organizations as a board member, advisor and mentor.

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