Coaching Sessions for Artists

Pursue Your Passion with Guidance from YES

Whether you’re just starting out or trying to expand an existing venture, our dedicated Artists’ Coach can help you move your creative practice or business in the right direction. 

We can help you develop competencies in a number of key areas, including  strategic career/business development; marketing and public relations; event and project management; fundraising and grant writing; audience and network development; time management; and other topics important to artists.
Artist Coaching

One-On-One Consults - Free
15-minute sessions to determine which YES services will best meet your needs (new clients) OR to address one or two issues relating to your creative practice/business (existing clients.)
By appointment only.

One-On-One Appoinments - Free*
60-minute sessions to brainstorm, discuss, strategize, critique, evaluate and engage in meaningful progress as you work towards realizing goals related to your creative practice or business. Available in-person, via on-line web conferencing, or by phone.
By appointment during business hours only

* For this service, participants are required to have opened a client file at YES.

More Info
Please contact Mariana Stabilé,, 514-878-9788 ext 316 to book your appointment today!

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