Webinars/Online Services

Access Workshops and Seminars Online

Most of the workshops offered at the YES Centre are available online for individuals throughout Montreal and the regions of Quebec. With the exception of our Jump-Start Your Job Search Express which is only available online to Quebecers who reside off the island of Montreal.

Using our live streaming service, you’ll be able to watch, listen and respond to our seminars through your home computer.

Online workshops are interactive and may have group activities, and pre-registration is required. 

Pre-registration is required for all online workshops. Those wishing to register for online business coaching services must contact Mariana Stabilé, mstabile@yesmontreal.ca, 514-878-9788 ext 316 to open a file.

For a one-time, $30 file activation fee, you will have unlimited access to specialized entrepreneurship and artists’ services including coaching, legal clinics and accounting clinics. You will be exempt from this fee if you are receiving social assistance at the time of your appointment.