Staff Directory

If you would like to speak with a YES staff member, please call (514) 878-9788 and dial the extension number of the person you wish to reach at any time between 9am-5pm.

Fernanda Amaro, ext. 307
Elizabeth Araujo, ext. 408
Brian Armstrong, ext. ext. 343
Catherine Brisindi, ext. 322
Leann Brown, ext.308
Mario Clarke, ext. 302
Adriano D'Angelo, ext. 324
Erin Draper, ext. 334
Meghan Drennan, ext. 331
Ellen Englert, ext. 306
Marie-Michèle Fillion, ext. 314
Sherry Hollinger, ext. 300
Kurt Houghton, ext. 311
Coby Ingham, ext. 407
Darren Innis, ext. 310
Annalise Iten, ext. 309
Ruchy Khurana, ext. 338
Danny Légaré, ext. 303
Monika Majewski
Jesse McClintock, ext. 326
Wesley McCoy,ext.  317
Robert Therriault, ext. 315
Kasia Tomasinska, ext. 325
Yoana Turnin, ext. 323
Iris Unger, ext. 301
Anna Viegas, ext. 316
Marc Wrobel, ext. 313