Intro to Google Analytics

Tuesday, March 16
Cost: $10.00*

Have you ever wondered how many visitors you get on your website per month, who they are and how they found you?

Do you ask yourself why one marketing campaign worked and one did not, or what your most popular pages are? Where do your website visitors get stuck and drop off?

Analytics answers these questions and can show you how your website is performing in terms of attracting, informing and converting visitors as well as help you identify areas for improvement or optimization.

This workshop will cover how Google Analytics works and how to use it to better understand your online traffic, so that you may develop marketing campaigns and strategies that get you noticed.

Speaker: Tarek Riman, University Instructor, Founder, Chief Marketing, Technologist & 3 Time Best Selling Author

Pre-registration is required. Available as an online, live streaming webinar. Limited spaces available.

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