Social Entrepreneurship for a Better World

Are you curious about social entrepreneurship or looking to integrate social impact into your new business? Social Entrepreneurship is the use of business-like approaches to create, fund and implement solutions to social and environmental issues. It combines the passion of a social mission with business-like development, strategies and innovation. The workshops will help you understand the basics, explore financing options and get ready to launch a social entrepreneurship initiative.

Social Entrepreneurship for a Better World ‚Äč

Social Entrepreneurship is the process of pursuing innovative solutions to social and/or environmental problems, but how does this idea translate into a sustainable business model?

The first part of our series will outline what social entrepreneurship is , how it differs from conventional entrepreneurship, the different options and how to make a positive and sustainable impact. 

Dario Iezzoni, Lecturer, Consultant, Social Enterprise Strategy and Marketing
Marlo Turner-Ritchie, Consultant, Facilitator for Non-Profits, Co-ops, Public Sector Teams

This workshop is available as an online, live streaming webinar. Limited spots available.