Community Organizer and Project Leader

I am currently working as the Manager of the Department of Community and Social Health for a Montreal based non-profit organization. I have previous experience working for a neighbourhood roundtable, an organization which regroups various intersectoral partners to discuss the changes they would like to see in the community. As part of my work, I oversee the neighbourhood action plan, a framework for collective action over the next three years. My colleagues and I strive for social justice and a better quality of life for all through our work.
With an academic background in social work and urban studies, my day-to-day work consists of reaching out to partners and stakeholders in the community, including front-line workers, elected officials, small businesses and, most importantly, residents in an effort to build consensus around what we want our neighbourhood to look like. My professional experience includes relationship-building, researching and analysing social issues, strategic planning and advocacy.

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