Senior Management Consultant & Career Coach

A career coach for executives who feel unfulfilled and under insurmountable stress in their careers ... students who are lost and need direction... single parents stuck in a job and want to move up to provide for their family... professionals who feel depleted and drained, and simply want to feel joy waking up every morning for work.  I make sure to carve out time to assist companies with their employees & directly with individuals to reach their potential. I fulfill this objective through meaningful conversations, analysis and psychometric testing, whereby I provide valuable personality, cognitive and leadership insights that help individuals get to know themselves better. I am proud to be able to accomplish this given 14 years in corporate recruitment & Human resource management (HRM), ongoing masters in industrial/organizational psychology coupled with my Yoga & Health Coaching degrees. My goal is to inspire my clients to redefine success & and creating a life of purpose, balance & fulfillment.

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