Arts Administration Specialist & Consultant

Wide experience in the arts covers all disciplines of the cultural world, primarily arts administration and teaching administrative techniques.  Born into a well-known theatre family, she learned from an early age, working hands-on, in almost every aspect of productions and latterly, of producing artistic events and theatre seasons. 
Throughout an extensive career, along with her regular employment, she has maintained an active role in the arts world as a volunteer lobbyist, board member, consultant, teacher and participant in many groups and committees, both French and English.  Her involvement with both cultures has increased her awareness of their complex diversities.
Past Executive Director of the Quebec Drama Federation, having served in this position for six years, and was also a member of its Board in various capacities over the past fifteen years, past Vice President of the English Language Arts Network, President of the Centre d’activités récréatives et educatives de Montreal (C.A.R.E Centre), Treasurer for the CEDEC, recent Board member of the CQRHC, founding member and Board member of Diversité Artistique Montréal, Board member of the Conseil québécoise du théâtre,  and past Co-Chair of the Association of Cultural Executives, to name some of the volunteer activities she has taken on. 
Teaches Arts Administration at Bishops’ University and the University of Windsor, as well as career management and administration courses for the various CEGEPs and training institutions in Montreal.  She is also a Mentor for Futurepreneur, Business for the Arts, the HEC, Academos, YES and does private consulting and counseling for individuals and companies.

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