​Software Engineer, Scrum Master

A computer software engineer graduated in MSc Software, System and Services Development in Global Environment. An enthusiastic professional with 5 years’ experience in IT infrastructure, System administration, and IT consultancy and recently started scrum mastering and project management practices.
As an experienced IT specialist, I am familiar with a wide range of technologies and solution for business, and most importantly, how to use those solutions effectively. I approach problems with a quality-first, can-do and agile attitude.
I believe my colleagues know what they're doing, and should be enabled to make the best decisions rather than being told what to do. I am quick minded, think on my feet, good at communicating and mediating, and I am convinced that things can always be done better or smarter.
I believe humanizing technology is necessary in modern times; this can be achieved by allowing communities to participate in developing technologies. I believe my academic studies and professional experience, along with my character traits, mean I have a lot to offer a mentee.

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