Business Coach & Trainer

Business Coach and trainer with over 5 years experience with SMB and Start-ups within Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto. I have coached and trained clients from various industries, such as Retail, Manufacturing, Restaurant & Catering, Music and Entertainment, Radio and Podcast broadcasting, IT project management (SAP, ERP), App development, Fitness and Health as well as in the Community Development and non-profit sector, to name a few.

Take your organization or business project to the next level! I specialize in helping small to medium sized businesses and self-employed individuals plan and implement the steps they need to take to achieve their business goals.

Head full of business ideas? Are you a self-employed individual wishing your business would take flight? Or perhaps your small to midsize business is consistently beating its head against a wall?

I can help you with questions related to your business plan, sales and marketing strategy, prioritize your actions, manage your team and/or partnerships and assist you in making timely decisions.

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