Acknowledging Our Work Together!

First, we want to thank you for being an entrepreneur.  You are the pioneers, the explorers, and the rebels who create change and value for our community.  We acknowledge that it takes a strong start-up ecosystem to support entrepreneurs and we’d love it if you could pay-it-forward by informing others of the support you received.
There are many ways to recognize the support you’ve received from YES:
  • Word of mouth: Tell other entrepreneurs about our programs/services
  • Amplify our work: Follow YES on social media and share our posts/events with your network. Find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram (@yesmontreal)
  • PR: When engaging with the media, inspire others to take the leap by sharing how we’ve helped as a part your advisory group
  • Display our logo: Place our logo on your website(s)
  • Speaking Events: Help others find support by mentioning our assistance in your public speaking
  • Volunteer: From event support to committee work, we have a variety of volunteer options available to you – let us know if you’d like to help!
  • Donate: Your donation allows us to offer valuable services to help the next aspiring entrepreneur succeed!

Logo Use Guidelines
1. Displaying the YES logo
  • Sizing: Always maintain the original proportions of the YES logo when resizing/scaling. Avoid squashing, stretching or otherwise distorting its dimensions. Please display the YES logo large enough to ensure visibility and legibility. The minimum size that the YES logo should appear is 1.5” in width.
  • Clear Space: Also to ensure visibility and legibility, always maintain a minimum amount of clear space around the logo.

Use either of these logos depending on background: 

Regular logo (click on the image to download)

Transparent/white logo (click on the image to download)
Preferred text:
  1. Supported by (Logo)
  2. Supporter of (Logo)
  3. Proud member of (Logo)
  4. Entrepreneurship services rock at  (Logo)