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Did you know that only 15% of entrepreneurs in Montreal are women?  We aim to change that.  Our goal is to help women play a leadership role in the entrepreneurial ecosystem by supporting the growth and success of women entrepreneurs, promoting diversity, and helping women to:
1. Connect to networks of entrepreneurs, partners and mentors
2. Find role models
3. Identify strategic opportunities   
4. Take their place in the ecosystem 
ELLEvate Women Entrepreneurs is our new women-centric entrepreneurial program that builds on YES Employment + Entrepreneurship's already-established and proven core services. 
You have – an idea – a vision – a drive.
We have – experience – connections – experts. 
Want to know how to bring your ideas to fruition and grow as an entrepreneur in a stimulating, growth-oriented, diverse and inclusive environment?  
Here’s how>>>
Business CoachingGet guidance and insight via one-on-one and group sessions with our experienced business coaches. 

Schedule your appointment with a YES business coach today.
Mentorship & Role Models - Let us introduce you to industry leaders and serial entrepreneurs so you can build your network and grow your business to new heights. 

Get insight from industry leaders and serial entrepreneurs by signing up to our Human Library Mentorship program and connect for flash or longer-term mentorship style.

Watch our Role Model Video Series to learn from the challenges and get inspired by the achievements and challenges of relatable women entrepreneurs in Quebec’s start-up Ecosystem. 
WorkshopsCultivate Your Business Skills

Whether you're thinking of starting a business or are in hyper-growth mode, join our specialized ELLEvate workshops to get strategies on finding opportunities, overcoming challenges and making your mark.
ELLEvate Women Entrepreneurs Pre-Accelerator Prepare your Business for the Next Phase and Prepare Yourself for Your Next Steps as an Entrepreneur

Over three months, women entrepreneurs who have been selected for the program will be given the opportunity and resources to develop strategies to take their next steps in entrepreneurship through personalized business coaching, interactive workshops, and more. 

Open to women in all industries. Curious? Get the full details here 

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Networking - Every Connection Counts
Come together with other women entrepreneurs to listen, share, and find inspiration. You may even find future or even co-founders and colleagues! You'll have the chance to meet outstanding women entrepreneurs, make business deals, and thrive in the ecosystem at events hosted throughout the city at spaces like SAP, Google, Shopify and more.

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The ELLEvate Women Entrepreneurs program is possible thanks to the support of our generous partners.