Careers in Video Game Production/Design *ALSO AVAILABLE ONLINE*

Thursday, November 27, 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Price: FREE

Have you wondered what it takes to develop a successful career in Video Gaming in Montreal? Have you considered pursuing a career in Video Gaming but don't really know what it involves? 

Computer and video game development is a fast-growing entertainment field, with a lot to offer you professionally and creatively. Just like any other career choice, you will need a sharp skill set and qualifications. Games are as competitive as any entertainment industry, and it's not easy to get that first job.

Montreal is seen as the international hot-bed for the gaming community, so if video gaming is your passion, you will not want to miss this Career Night. The Career Exploration Workshop Series is designed to provide participants with an opportunity to meet industry professionals in an interactive, small-group setting.

In this workshop, professionals from Video Gaming will discuss labour market trends and the skills needed to succeed. An interactive question and answer period will follow each discussion.

Guest speakers:

Paul Green – Senior Designer, ASSASSIN’S CREED 4: BLAG FLAG – UBISOFT 

Paul has over twelve years experience working in the Video Gaming Industry. In 1999, he graduated with a Btec (National Diploma in I.T.) at Thanet College where he learned about programming, and various multimedia applications and electronics. After receiving his diploma he studied at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh where he received his Bachelors of Computer Science. During his degree he studied many fields such as A.I. and robotics, as well as having training in electrical engineering and mathematics.

From 2002 to 2009, Paul worked at Rockstar North at first as a nightshift Q and A tester then becoming a Level Designer. He worked on Grand Theft Auto Vice City, Manhunt, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and finally Grand Theft Auto IV.

During this time, Paul made many missions and was responsible for scripting them in the rage engine. He also designed and implemented the melee system, the execution system while also looking after many cut scenes to improve the cinematic feel of the game. 

In 2009, Paul worked at Ubisoft in the Scripted Events Team and the Mission Design Team as a Senior Level Designer working on popular games such as Splinter Cell Conviction, Assassins Creed Brotherhood and Rainbow 6. He was in charge of creating “wow”moments in the game and implemented set pieces scenes and balanced them in gameplay.

Paul then moved to Boston to work for Irrational Games on Bioshock Infinite and the following DLC before returning back to Montreal last summer. 

Presently Paul is a Senior Level Designer at Ubisoft Montreal recently having worked on Assassin's Creed 4: Blag Flag.

Li C. Kuo – Co-Lead Writer (Far Cry 4), UBISOFT

Li Kuo has more than 15 years of professional writing experience across multiple mediums including television, video games, print and web. He has spent a good part of his career writing for AAA games, as well as directing voice talent for games and television.
Li received his B.A. in Creative Writing with an emphasis in screenwriting from the University of California, Riverside. After graduation, Li worked as an Associate Editor at PC Gamer Magazine and then moved to G4TV where he worked his way up from Associate Producer to Staff Writer and ultimately, Story Editor.
In 2007, Li began working at Ubisoft as a Community Developer where he produced blogs, video blogs, podcasts, dev diaries, and FAQs for Splinter Cell Conviction, Tom Clancy's EndWar, and Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. In 2010 he transitioned to writing for games full time and has worked on Far Cry 3, Watch_Dogs, Tales from the Borderlands and Far Cry 4. 

Ian Hernandez – Character Rigger, EIDOS MONTREAL

Ian went to Inter Dec college in Cinematics. He worked on the TV show and the movie Tripping the Rift. After 2 Years of contract work, Ian went back to Campus Ubisoft to learn animation. After graduating, he became a render wrangler at Ubisoft where he was responsible for making sure that the render quality was ready for the dailys. In 2010, Ian was offered a Rigger opportunity at Eidos Montreal where he worked on Deus Ex Human Revolution and Tomb Raider. In 2012, Ian had a new opportunity to work at FunCom on The Secret World as a Technical Artist. A few months later he was asked to rejoin his old team for the Deus Ex Universe Project.  

Noemi Rouleau – Production Coordinator, UBISOFT

Noemi started to work in the industry as a French localization tester in Scotland, before moving back to Montreal in 2013, where she joined Ubisoft as a localization QA specialist to work on the highly-anticipated next generation title WATCH_DOGS™. With localization QA experience on everything from casual/social games to AAA MMOs - and everything in between, she is now honing new skills as a Production Coordinator.


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