Grant Writing Essentials: 2-Part Mini Series *ALSO AVAILABLE ONLINE*

Wednesday, February 18: 6:30 PM–8:30 PM

30 - If registered by February 8, 2015
35 - If registered after February 8, 2015

In collaboration with ELAN (English-Language Arts Network)
Cost: $35 for both workshops ($30 early bird if registered by Feb 8)

To build credibility, artists need peer and public recognition, as well as the capital to produce, promote and distribute their work. Grants can provide both, but are notoriously hard to get. This workshop mini-series focuses on essential grant-writing techniques, including crafting a persuasive “pitch”, budgeting, time-lines and other handy tips to help you turn out grant applications that are as strong and outstanding as your work. At the end of each workshop, participants will have an opportunity to discuss grant-related matters with 2 professional guest artists from the ELAN network, each of whom have extensive grant-writing and jury experience.

Part 1: The Pitch
Wednesday, February 18: 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Starting with an essential grant-writing check-list, and focusing on crafting an informative, context-rich and compelling pitch that “sells” you and your work with clarity and persuasion, this workshop will make you excited to write your next grant application.

Part 2: Budgets & Timelines
Wednesday, February 25: 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Focusing on the feasibility components of a grant application – cohesive, well-thought-out budgets and time-lines that adequately reflect the project from a time and money perspective, this session will help you develop a set of best practices for all future grant applications. 

Speaker: Monika Majewski, YES Artists’ Program Coordinator


Speaker: Monika Majewski, YES Artists’ Program Coordinator

Pre-registration is required. For more information, call 514-878-9788.
Workshop payments of $20 or less are non-transferable and non-refundable.