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  • Job Openings

  • Junior IT Support Specialist
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Job Qualifications
    -Strong analytical skills;
    -Meticulous attention to detail;
    -Capacity to learn and investigate independently;
    -Ability to perform confidently under pressure;
    -Familiarity with Mac OS X, Windows 10 and Linux;
    -Strong verbal communication skills in both French and English;
    -Great work ethic.
    Job Description
    -Respond to technical requests using our Ticketing System;
    -Setup computers, printers, phones and iPads for employees;
    -Maintain up-to-date our inventory of IT assets;
    -Manage accesses for employees and Google Apps;
    -Maintain/improve networks;
    -Manage VoIP phone system and camera system;
    -Enforce security policies on collaborative tools;
    -Monitor infrastructure using Zabbix;
    -Manage backups;
    -Make sure IT documentation is up-to-date.
    Application Deadline
    September 14th, 2018
  • Brand Ambassador
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Job Qualifications
    Customer service friendly outgoing work well in team settings
    Job Description
    Handing out swag engaging with the crowd being personable energetic
    Application Deadline
    August 16th
  • QA Analyst
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Artificial Intelligence
    Job Qualifications
    5+ years of software quality assurance in a dynamic Agile environment;
    Skills for developing and applying QA methodologies, tools and processes;
    Experience writing clear, concise and comprehensive test plans and test cases;
    Hands-on experience with black box testing;
    Good knowledge of SQL and scripting;
    Excellent understanding of Scrum methodology;
    Communication skills in both English and French
    Job Description
    Designing and developing test strategies, test plans, as well as scenarios for manual tests;
    Coordinating, executing and leading all manual QA testing activities to ensure efficient and effective product testing;
    Performing regression testing, defining and scripting clear, concise and comprehensive test cases; Investigating and detecting anomalies, bugs and proposing effective solutions.
    Application Deadline
    September 10, 2017
  • Long Haul Truck Driver
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Job Qualifications
    Credentials: A valid Class 1 Driver's License or an equivalent license in other jurisdiction or ability to obtain the license

    Experience: No previous experience required, paid on the job training will be provided

    Education: Completion of High school required.

    Language: Basic Knowledge of English is required
    Job Description

    Positions Available: 2

    Wage: $21.00/Hourly

    Job Type: Permanent, Full Time

    Job Location: 15592 Oakwood Pierrefonds Quebec Canada H9H 4V4

    Start Date: As soon as possible

    Job Description:

    Operate and drive straight or articulated trucks, weighing over 4600 kg with two or more axles, to transport goods and material to destinations
    Load and unload goods
    Receive and relay information to central dispatch
    Oversee all aspects of vehicles, such as condition of equipment, loading and unloading, and safety and security of cargo
    Perform pre-trip inspection of vehicle systems and equipment such as tires, lights, brakes and cold storage
    Perform emergency roadside repairs
    Obtain special permits and other documents required to transport cargo on international routes
    Record cargo information, distance traveled, fuel consumption and other information in log book or on on-board computer
    Communicate with dispatcher and other drivers using two-way radio, cellular telephone and on-board computer
    May drive as part of a two-person team or convoy

    Willing to travel internationally, Willing to travel cross-border, Willing to travel for extended periods, Willing to travel overnight

    Large workload, handling heavy loads, Repetitive tasks, Sitting, physically demanding

    Application Deadline
    September 9, 2018
  • Computer Teacher for Seniors with Hearing Loss
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Job Qualifications
    - The ideal candidate will be able to speak slowly and very clearly with good volume, and will be willing to modify their way of speaking if necessary and will be very aware of keeping their face and lips visible at all times when they are speaking.
    - The ideal candidate will be very patient, mature, confident, and capable of explaining topics in different ways using suitable teaching methods for seniors. Able to adapt learning methods and material for senior population and people with a hearing loss.
    - The ideal candidate will work well as a team and independently, will be organized, have good time management and problem solving skills.

    Other information
    Start date: September
    Duration: 10 week contractual
    Hourly wage rate : To be discussed, Compensation commensurate with experience.
    Job Description
    Job Description:
    -CHIP is looking for an experienced teacher/instructor to teach a Computer Course to hard of hearing seniors.
    -Candidate will be required to develop a 10 week curriculum with visuals aids about computer use and safety.
    -Candidate with experience teaching individuals with disabilities will be given priority.
    -Candidate will be required to complete and hand in papers, evaluations and forms in a timely manner
    Application Deadline
    August 28, 2018
  • Animators - Facilitators
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Job Qualifications
    -College-level student in the CRLT, Social Service, or SCC fields of study is an asset.
    -Fluency in English, both written and verbal is required. Bilingualism also mandatory.
    -Ability to work independently and in a team environment.
    -The ability to demonstrate analytical thinking, problem solving, organized and communication skills.
    -Possess strong behavioral management skills and is skilled in group management.

    Other Information
    Duration of the program: Year round
    Start date: September 2018 -June 2019
    Number of hours per week: Flexible - On-call
    Hourly wage rate : To be determined based on experience
    Job Description
    Tasks and responsibilities:
    - Animators - Facilitators will conduct sessions on understanding the science of hearing loss and how to prevent noise induced hearing loss.
    - Animators - Facilitators will deliver a workshops targeted towards children and youth.
    - Animators - Facilitators will help create an interactive, informative and memorable workshops.
    - Animators - Facilitators complete paperwork, forms and evaluation of each sessions
    Application Deadline
    August 28, 2018
  • Warehouse Worker
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Job Qualifications

    Niveau d'études : Secondaire
    Années d'expérience reliées à l'emploi : 1 à 6 mois d'expérience
    Description des compétences : À l’aise de conduire un charriot élévateur, rapide d'exécution, aime le travail d'équipe, capable de travailler en hauteur, doit soulever des charges pouvant atteindre 20 kilos
    Langues demandées : langues parlées : français langues écrites : français
    Salaire offert : 17,60$ - de l'heure
    Nombre d'heures par semaine : 40,00
    Conditions diverses : Bunzl offre aussi un régime complet d'assurance collective et de retraite
    • Statut d'emploi : permanent temps plein soir
    Précisions : Horaire à partir de 15:30 avec possibilité de temps supplémentaire.
    Date prévue d'entrée en fonction : aussitôt que possible
    Job Description
    Commis d’entrepôt – quart de soir
    Bunzl, leader mondial dans la distribution de produits d'emballages, est à la recherche de caristes préparateurs de commandes pour son entrepôt de Québec.
    Â l'aide d'un chariot élévateur, préparer les commandes des clients et les charger dans nos remorques pour la livraison.
    Application Deadline
  • Warehouse Worker/Relief Driver
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Job Qualifications
    Les exigences et qualifications:
    • Un diplôme d'études secondaires ou un diplôme d'études secondaires est requis.
    • Compétences de base en mathématiques
    • Fiable et ponctuel
    • Attention aux détails et précision
    • Posséder une attitude positive et être un joueur d'équipe
    • Capacité de planifier et d'organiser efficacement.
    • Doit être axé sur le service à la clientèle et avoir la capacité de travailler de façon autonome et en équipe.
    • Résolution de problèmes avec la capacité de travailler avec une multiplicité des tâches en utilisant le jugement et les compétences de prise de décision
    • Doit maintenir des livres de bord précis et à jour. Les informations appropriées doivent également être saisies avec précision dans le système OMITRACK.
    • Tous les employés, conducteurs, réceptionnaires et sélectionneurs doivent suivre une formation sur la sécurité au plus tard à la date d'échéance fixée.
    • Un permis de classe 1 avec frein à air est requis.
    • Le permis de véhicule combiné long est un plus
    • Résumé du chauffeur en règle
    • De préférence avec 5-10 ans d'expérience de conduit
    • Des heures supplémentaires sont requises en fonction des demandes de l'entreprise; parfois à court préavis
    • L'expérience dans un entrepôt / avec un chariot élévateur est un atout, mais pas obligatoire
    • Doit être capable de travailler régulièrement à une hauteur de 26 pieds au-dessus du sol (avec l'équipement de sécurité / processus / formation fournis)
    • Doit être un auto-démarreur et capable de travailler avec peu de supervision
    Job Description
    • Recevoir les produits des livraisons des fournisseurs et décharger les camions sur les quais de chargement
    • Comparer les bordereaux d’expédition aux bons de commande de la société et s'assurer que les produits de chaque livraison correspondent au bordereau d’expédition
    • Utiliser un chariot élévateur industriel (certification non requise)
    • Utiliser un ordinateur de bord et un système de radiofréquence sans fil
    • Maintenir un environnement de travail propre, organisé et sécuritaire
    • Aider les autres employés de l'entrepôt à accomplir les tâches demandées par le gestionnaire de l'entrepôt ou le superviseur immédiat
    • Traiter les renvois aux fournisseurs et la paperasse de discordance
    • Saisie de données dans le système AS400
    • Interagir avec les fournisseurs externes et les départements internes

    Description du chauffeur de relève:
    • Planifier efficacement la route de livraison et charger les commandes sur le camion
    • Livrer les commandes des clients en utilisant un tracteur à un ou deux essieux
    • Décharger les commandes à la main ou en utilisant un transpalette
    • Communiquer avec les clients concernant les livraisons, les retours
    • Recuperer des produits de chez les fournisseurs
    • Effectuer les fonctions d'entrepôt au besoin
    • La connaissance des ordinateurs, du système d'expédition de Purolator et d'UPS est un atout.
    Application Deadline
  • WordPress Developer and Designer for Regular Contract Work (Remote)
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Web Development and Design
    Job Qualifications
    The right person will have experience and/or the the ability to quickly aquire skill in the following:
    Installing Wordpress on web servers and transferring sites from one server to another Installing themes and plugins on the Wordpress platform
    Creation of beautiful, professional, and unique websites according to client parameters using the Pro theme by Themeco.
    Basic CSS / HTML coding knowledge Web app integrations with Wordpress, such as Mailchimp, Constant Contact, AWeber, Google Apps, WooCommerce, Paypal, Stripe, etc. using plugins Knowledge of Squarespace, Weebly, Wix, and other platforms a plus
    Interest and/or knowledge in SEO
    Required: All applicants must have built at least one site on Wordpress, start to finish.
    Job Description
    Design and build Wordpress and Squarespace sites for clients, start to finish.
    Application Deadline
  • Warehouse Worker
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Job Qualifications
    • Diplôme d'études secondaires ou équivalent est requis
    • Doit être capable de soulever plus de 25 kg et de fréquents levage en moyenne de 10 à 15 kg
    • Capable de travailler à des hauteurs d'au moins 20 pieds
    • Fiable et ponctuel
    • L'expérience d'exploitation d'un chariot élévateur à fourche et d'une nacelle élévatrice est un atout
    • L'attention portée aux détails et à la précision est impérative
    • Posséder une attitude positive et travailler bien en équipe
    • Expérience en l’utilisation d’un scanner RF préférée
    Job Description
    • Sélectionner les commandes des clients indiquées sur les tickets de sélection en utilisant un chariot élévateur à grande portée / nacelle élévatrice / chariot de magasinier. Emballer les palettes et charger les camions pour les livraisons dans la ville.
    • Emballages et étiquetages des palettes pour les livraisons et les ramassages hors de la ville.
    • Classifier les tickets de sélection par date.
    • Maintenir la batterie sur les machines à sélection assignées toutes les deux semaines ou selon les besoins.
    • Inspecter les bacs tous les soirs, en vérifiant les bacs vides
    • Retirer les palettes vides des étagères
    • Maintenir la rangée assignée d'une manière soignée et ordonnée - balayer le plancher; aligner les palettes dans leurs emplacements; mettre les emplacements de chargement à niveau
    • Maintient l'entrepôt de manière propre et ordonnée - vide les ordures et balaie les allées et la zone de rassemblement chaque jour, au besoin
    • Compléter la feuille de travail quotidiennement
    • Exécuter d'autres tâches assignées par le superviseur ou le gestionnaire du quart de travail
    Application Deadline
  • Cashier
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Food & Beverage Store
    Job Qualifications
    Ability to work individually and as a team.
    Friendly and outgoing personality
    Flexible Scheduling
    Fun Fast Pace Team Environment
    You enjoy people and providing friendly, accurate service to customers.
    Key responsibilities include
    greeting customers in the store,
    taking orders, handling payment and thanking customers.
    You’ll also help to prepare and assemble food and beverage orders, check to make sure they’re correct, package products, and maintain a clean, safe work environment.
    What are we looking for??
    Positive attitude.
    Is friendly and helpful to customers and co-workers
    Appearance and work habits express motivation and professionalism
    Wants to work at the coolest fast food restaurant there is.
    Likes going the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.
    Job Description
    Key responsibilities include: greeting customers in the store, taking orders, handling payment and thanking customers.
    You’ll also prepare orders, assemble food and beverage orders, check to make sure they’re correct, and package the order properly maintain a clean, safe work and dining environment.
    Application Deadline
  • Delivery Truck Driver
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Food distribution
    Job Qualifications
    Delivery Driver Requirements and Qualifications

    High school diploma
    Have a valid class 5 driver’s license. (Class 3 an asset)
    Must have a clean driving record with no violations
    Proficient at driving and parking large vehicles
    Physically fit and strong, able to lift heavy merchandise
    Experience using hand trucks, pallet jacks and forklifts a plus
    Professional and pleasant disposition, able to give all clients a positive customer service experience
    Candidate should be dependable, hardworking and an effective communicator, punctual and reliable
    Excellent time-management and organizational skills required
    Job Description
    Job Description
    We are seeking a dependable, experienced delivery driver to become a vital part of our delivery team. Physical strength, as well as a clean driving record, are needed. Delivery Drivers must be organized, efficient and professional at all times while ensuring deliveries are made accurately and on time.

    Delivery Driver Duties and Responsibilities

    Ensure inventory stock matches delivery requirements
    Load and organize product inventory from warehouse into your vehicle and unload products in and out of truck as needed throughout the day
    Follow set, scheduled route for daily deliveries
    Deliver goods to specific locations
    Ensure products are delivered in a timely manner
    Collect signature and/or payments at delivery locales
    Always keep vehicle organized, clean and tidy
    Check in with warehouse on delivery progress as needed
    Maintain and organize all delivery paperwork and deliver it to the proper personnel at the end of each shift
    Refuel vehicle as needed
    Inspect delivery vehicle daily looking for anything problematic (low tire pressure, tire wear, dents etc.) and report any abnormalities
    Report any accidents or vehicle issues encountered while enroute, to supervisors
    Follow rules and regulations of the road at all times
    Follow all company and state enforced safety requirements for loading and unloading product

    Job Type: Full-time
    Application Deadline
    September 5 2018
  • Home Care Services and Companionship
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Home Care and Companion Services
    Job Qualifications
    Job Description
    Application Deadline
    August 31st 2018
  • Bilingual Customer Service Agent
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Call Center
    Job Qualifications
    Must be 18 years old
    Type 25 wpm
    High School Graduate or GED
    100% English language skills- both verbal, written and comprehension in advanced English.
    OR Bilingual French/English - both verbal and written
    Enthusiastic and energetic
    Strong negotiation and objection handling skills
    Strong written and verbal communication skills
    Great Work ethic, punctual, competitive and sales and customer service oriented
    Computer Literacy – able to multi task and toggle between multiple windows
    Must have availability to work various shifts influenced by current business needs. Hours of operation are 7am-11pm 7 days week .
    ID required to complete a Criminal Background check
    References required
    Job Description
    Primary Duties, Responsibilities and Requirements (include but not limited too)

    Provide excellent customer service at all times with customers on Inbound calls & when you are required to call the customer back.
    Follow up to customer inquiries by taking specific action in a timely manner
    Problem solve to help customers resolve issues on first call
    Instructs, explains and provides solutions to customers regarding their products & services
    Provide Inside Sales and Up Sells to existing customers
    Enters data from customers into various software programs
    Promote and offer products and services by consulting, gathering information, and evaluating customer needs
    Thrives as a team player in a fast-paced, high-energy, change-oriented environment
    Participates in additional training courses when needed
    Performs other related duties and assignments as required and as assigned by supervisor or manager
    Exercise retention efforts when appropriate
    Application Deadline
    August 29,2018
  • Accounting Assistant
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Job Qualifications
    Trans Canada Trail is seeking an Accounting Clerk to join our team at the head office, located in the Old Port of Montreal. Reporting to the Accounting Manager, the Accounting Clerk assists with the accounting for a registered charity with annual income of $9 million. The Accounting Clerk is also responsible for answering the telephone and responding to inquiries from donors and Trail users and provides clerical assistance to senior staff
    Job Description
    Enter supplier invoices into the accounting system
    Analyze and input expense reports
    Print cheques and create wire transfers
    Manage petty cash
    Prepare GST/HST/QST reports
    Assist the Accounting Manager with financial analysis and month-end tasks
    Answer the telephone
    Other clerical tasks
    Application Deadline
    August 24, 2018
  • Réceptionniste/Administrateur(-rice) / Receptionist/Administrator
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Engineering Consulting
    Job Qualifications
    Requirements & Qualifications
    • Post-secondary degree or diploma in an associated or related field
    • 1-2 years of experience in receptionist role
    • Experience within similar industry is an asset
    • Must be fully bilingual in both French and English and possess excellent written and oral communication skills in both languages
    • Advanced proficiency in Microsoft Office applications (Excel, Word, Power Point, Outlook)
    • Excellent problem solving skills
    • Superior telephone manners and strong interpersonal skills
    • Strong customer service orientation
    • Ability to act with business integrity and possesses strong attention to detail
    Job Description
    Major Duties & Responsibilities
    • Answer all incoming calls and relay messages
    • Greet and direct all clients and visitors
    • Receive and distribute all incoming mail and courier deliveries
    • Prepare all outgoing mail and courier packages
    • Translate all documents from English to French and French to English as required
    • Create, print and distribute Work Orders to all necessary parties
    • Enter Work Order data into Sage Accpac Project Job Costing
    • Maintain accurate and comprehensive Excel spreadsheets used for tracking: Work Orders, IRC Identification Numbers, Proposal Log and Invoicing
    • Assist in the preparation of proposals, reports and tender packages
    • Assist in the typing of correspondence letters, proposals and draft documents
    • Log and reserve scheduled meetings for the boardroom
    • Maintain the boardroom in a presentable manner
    • Maintain supplies for both office and kitchen
    • Maintain general filing
    • Other assigned general administration duties as necessary
    Application Deadline
    August 17, 2018
  • Bilingual Inside Customer Service Representative - West Island
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Packaging, Bottles
    Job Qualifications
    Very good command of a personal computer and various software programs (e.g. Windows, Office);
    Excellent English and French language skills.

    Good to have
    Customer Service Representative
    Knowledge of Sales, directly or indirectly;
    Retail sales background will add value to this industrial sales role.

    Personal Characteristics & Skills:

    Proactive who will take/show initiative;
    Excellent communication skills particularly in the areas of listening, speaking and establishing rapport with others face-to-face and on phone;
    Strong negotiating and selling skills;
    Strong work ethic and business sense;
    Able to work with others to create and maintain a team environment;
    Flexible with organization and administrative skills;
    Ability to work well under pressure;
    Ability to take direction;
    Job Description

    Inter-acting with walk-in customers
    Overseeing orders from Customer:
    Receiving, processing and releasing orders;
    Inputting orders in the computer;
    Filing orders according to expected delivery dates, future and completed
    Packing small orders when necessary;
    Checking inventory for product availability and scheduling;
    Advising customers of receipt of order, price , shipping/Pick Up date;
    Contacting customers to follow up on their order(s);
    Assisting customers by calculating the price of products and/or giving quotations by phone;
    Respond quickly and in a professional manner to customer problems or complaints; troubleshooting and follow-up,
    Handle customers general inquiries; both walk-in customers and phone or e-mail inquiries
    Act as Sales Rep for the Store accounts.
    Review and revive dormant accounts
    Follow up on leads and build into viable customers
    Search out and develop new customers (research market, cold calls etc)

    Work closely with Purchasing Department to ensure optimum end results for the customer;
    Follow-up with Purchasing Department on status of orders and stock items;
    Maintain contract pricing on the computer and/or on hard copy in files;
    Maintain a database on assigned customers – specs, sizes, quantities, frequency, etc.;
    Provide coverage for vacationing or absent internal Sales Reps and for the Store;
    Notify Accounting of any inventory discrepancies;
    Assistance in other areas, as needed.
    Application Deadline
    August 31, 2018
  • Associate, Credit Cards-1800015919
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Job Qualifications

    To help our customers experience efficient and incredible interactions, you’ll need:
    • A passion for customer service
    • A positive, enthusiastic attitude, with strong people skills
    • Fluency in both English and French
    • The ability to multi-task, with above-average technical skills.
    Job Description
    As a Customer Contact Centre Associate, you will:
    • Act as a first line of contact and trusted consultant to our customers
    • Understand our customers' needs and recommend the right products and services to meet them
    • Use critical thinking to remain solution-focused and recognize the big picture
    • Identify opportunities to help our customers and grow our business
    • Embark on a career journey that will allow you to build incredible foundational knowledge, skills and experiences
    Work with us to grow your career with a wide range of opportunities
    Application Deadline
  • assistant restaurant manager
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    fast food
    Job Qualifications
    • Bilingual
    • Minimum one-year experience in restaurant, hospitality industry
    • Previous supervisory experience
    Job Description
    Responsibilities (but not limited to):
    • Organize/Plan/Direct and Control daily operations
    • Develop action plans and Implement Operational Procedures
    • Ensure health and safety regulations are followed and enforced
    • Positively recognize individual /group accomplishments
    • Control purchases and inventory
    • Actively ensures all team members exceed our guests’ expectations on every visit
    • Works on scheduling, training, team building
    Application Deadline
    September 8, 2018
  • Fit Technician
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    clothing mfg and import
    Job Qualifications
    • Minimum 2 years of relevant experience
    • Thorough knowledge of industry standard garment construction techniques
    • Ability to work in collaborative team environment, as well as work independently
    • Bilingual, with strong communication skills in English
    Job Description
    Able to create and verify specs and to prepare technical garment designs. Compare the SMS, PP and Production Samples against Tech Pack specs. Able to correct fit issues in conjunction with sales team and communicate changes to overseas makers. Verify samples before fitting and correct garment after fitting. Verify actual production as it arrives.
    Follow up SMS production. 
    Application Deadline
  • Class 3 Driver
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Job Qualifications
    VALID Quebec-issued Class 3 drivers permit
    Job Description
    The scope of the position requires:
    • ability to communicate in both French and English
    • ability to work well with others
    • reliability
    • working as a technician’s aide on projects

    Successful candidate will have valid Quebec-issued Class 3 drivers permit, driving experience and outstanding references with a good driving record.
    Application Deadline
    August 13, 2018
  • Bilingual Customer Service Representative
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Job Qualifications
    Who You Are
    • You put our clients first. You engage with purpose to find the right solutions. You go the extra mile, because it’s the right thing to do.
    • You love to learn. You’re passionate about growing your knowledge, and you know that there is no limit to what you can achieve.
    • You’re driven to succeed. You are motivated by accomplishing your goals and delivering your best to make an impact.
    • You’re passionate about people. You find meaning in relationships, and surround yourself with a diverse network of partners. You build trust through respect and authenticity.
    • You act like an owner. You thrive when you're empowered to take the lead, go above and beyond, and deliver results.
    • You're fluent in French & English.
    • Values matter to you. You bring your real self to work and you live our values - trust, teamwork, and accountability.
    What CIBC Offers 
    Job Description
    What You’ll Be Doing

    You’ll proactively reach out to clients to suggest new and existing financial services products that will help them reach their financial goals. As a Financial Services Representative at our Contact Centre, you’ll share your knowledge of products and campaigns with clients through outbound calls. You’ll engage in meaningful conversations, where you’ll seek to develop an in-depth understanding of their financial needs.

    How You’ll Succeed
    • Client Engagement - Focus on each client experience and connect on a personal level to make every interaction meaningful. Listen, ask questions, and put yourself in the client’s shoes to find the right solutions, every time.
    • Recommending Solutions – Connect clients with the right financial solutions. Proactively suggest products that will help them to achieve their financial goals. Collaborate with others to ensure clients are connected to the right people and opportunities.
    • Product Knowledge – Be an expert in CIBC’s comprehensive financial product offerings. Keep up to date with both new and existing solutions, and maintain an ongoing learning mindset.
    Application Deadline
    September 7th 2018
  • Junior Financial Anaylst
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Job Qualifications
    Bachelor's Degree in Commerce, Accounting or Finance (completed or in progress).
    Long term goal of achieving Accounting designation
    Excellent skills in Excel/Google suite/Information Systems Software.
    Strong analytical background (KPI, Budget, Auditing, experiences).
    Detail-oriented, autonomous, and able to work on multiple projects at the time.
    Excellent communication skills, written and spoken English and French.
    Job Description
    The right candidate is self-motivated, has strong organizational skills, and is extremely careful to detail. Don’t lose your chance to build a successful career within a fast-growing food-tech company. We welcome new grads and interns to apply for this role! Responsibilities: Provide support on the design and completion of financial models, scenarios, and sensitivities analysis for projects and reporting requirements. Build relationships with other departments and help create system solutions to accurately record operating activities. Support the development/implementation of dashboards and management reports. Prepare various analysis as requested by Management.
    Application Deadline
    August 31st, 2018
  • General Office HElp
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Customs Broker
    Job Qualifications
    None in particular
    Job Description
    General office work, answer phones, mail, fax, send documents, filing, etc
    Application Deadline
  • Business Coordinator for Montreal Healthcare Startup
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Healthcare Technology Startup
    Job Qualifications
    Who are we looking for?

    As the Business Coordinator, you will be the administrative backbone for our organization. You must have a resourceful mindset and a hands-on, can-do attitude. You will oversee a range of business processes related to human resources, accounting, and operations. You will work closely with the executive team to ensure smooth day-to-day running of our operations as we grow.

    Essential skills and qualities
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Strong ability to research, gather and synthesize information
    • Positive and approachable, with a track record of anticipating needs and collaborating within a team
    • Well-organized and efficient multi-tasker
    • Conscientious and attentive to details with commitment to ensuring quality and accuracy of work
    • Strong sense of integrity, professionalism and discreteness, to handle sensitive information
    • At least two years of experience in human resources, administration, accounting, finance office management or related field
    • Post-secondary university level education is required
    • Degree in related field (commerce, accounting, administration) a plus but not required
    Computer skills
    • Professional experience working with Microsoft Office suite and/or Google Suite is essential
    • Intermediate-advanced Excel skills, with high comfort level working with spreadsheets (for example: formatting, merging tables, using basic functions, data entry)
    • Strong fluency in English, spoken and written
    • Working to intermediate level of French (to communicate with tax agencies and vendors over the phone)
    Job Description
    Here is what you'd be working on as a Business Coordinator:

    You will be the point-person for accountants, bookkeepers, government agencies vendors and clients
    • Update and maintain legal and financial reports and documents
    • Assist in Canadian and US corporate management, regulatory and tax related filings
    • Manage equipment inventory, pay bills and respond to vendor issues and requests
    • Communicate with bookkeepers, accountants and agencies to ensure accuracy and compliance
    • Communicate with clients on billing issues
    You will be the point-person for potential candidates and our team
    • Coordinate recruitment process for new positions
    • Orient new employees, process payroll, reimburse expenses and manage health benefits plan
    • Respond to questions from team, coordinate meetings, and communicate company updates
    • Organize monthly team events and semi-annual retreats
    • Manage office IT, supplies and maintenance

    You will support executives on a variety of projects and tasks
    • For example, web research, gathering information, comparing and evaluating options, booking travel
    Application Deadline
    As soon as possible
  • Stylist/Salesperson
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Clothing Boutique for women size 8 to 22
    Job Qualifications
    Looking for a dynamic and passionate individual who is able to build meaningful connections with clients and who wants to grow within the trade. Positive thinker and enthusiasm is a must!
    Job Description
    Sales; engaging with clients, determining their needs, wardrobe building. General store maintenance; window dressing
    Application Deadline
  • Customer Service Representative
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Call Centre
    Job Qualifications
    • Excellent telephone personality, someone who has empathy and cares.
    • Bilingual Francais / English
    • Able to do shift work between the hours of 6:00am to Midnight with rotating weekends off.
    •Willingness to receive constructive and positive feedback and work on coaching goals as provided.
    • Ease using a Microsoft windows environment.
    • Comfortable multi tasking through multiple platforms while speaking to clients.
    •Desire to work weekends are an asset
    Job Description
    •Message taking
    •Offer an excellent friendly and professional customer experience
    •Help our callers resolve issues and questions
    •Accurately take down details needed by our clients
    •Be measured to our industry standards in regards to quality, efficiency and effectiveness to help you continuously improve.

    Work in a small collaborative team which is part of a much larger organization.
    Application Deadline
    August 8th, 2018
  • Animator
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Theatre Company
    Job Qualifications
    Teesri Duniya Theatre's Fireworks program is expanding with 3 new community engaged projects, and we are seeking Artists/Animators to join the team. The Neighbourhood Theatre is an after-school program that seeks to introduce youth from the Little Burgundy area to theatre through play. October 2018 - November 2018 Connecting Generations is an inter-generational program that uses letters to self as the basis of storytelling and collective creation. Saturdays from October 2018 - December 2018 Telling Our Stories Sharing our Lives is a partnership project between Teesri Duniya Theatre and Black Mental Health Connection, and supported by Canadian Heritage. It is a multi-phase project that includes workshops in community setting, a digital archive built by youth, and collective creation and production. Using storytelling as a tool for exchange and resilience building within the Black community, this project will also collect verbatim data, which will be used for collective creation with community youth, on a show that will tour community settings in February 2020. Project runs October 2018 – March 2020 with the goal to repeat with another marginalized community. Artist/animator may be engaged for any or all phases of the project.
    Job Description
    Facilitating theatre-based community workshops
    Application Deadline
    August 14th, 2018
  • Farm Hand / Ouvrier.e agricole
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Job Qualifications
    Candidate Profile
    - Interested in learning about farming
    - Desire to work collaboratively and with a team
    - Excited about working with the land, doing physical labour
    - Ability to work independently and take initiative
    - Comfortable working outside in variable weather conditions
    - Punctual and committed to arriving on time
    Job Description
    Key Responsibilities
    - Transplanting seedlings and direct seeding
    - Setting up and operating irrigation equipment
    - Weeding, pest control, staking, pruning, and thinning
    - Harvesting and conditioning vegetables by hand
    - Participating in, and then leading community tours and groups of children at the farm
    - Supporting volunteers' participation in the work at the farm
    - Inform farm manager of crop progress or issues
    Application Deadline
    August 31
  • Cook
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Job Qualifications
    reliable and passionate about food, some experience is an asset.
    Job Description
    dinner service-garde manger and hot section, food prep
    Application Deadline
  • Brand Ambassador
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Job Qualifications
    Êtes-vous un bon candidat?

    Si vous êtes compétitif, enthousiaste, énergique et persuasif, alors la réponse est oui! Téléphone cellulaire avec disponibilité des données, maîtrise du français et résidence dans la région de Montréal ou à proximité sont une nécessitée.
    Job Description

    · Participer à des campagnes de vente résidentielle, travailler en tandem avec le marketing et diverses ressources pour élargir les relations clients existantes et attirer de nouveaux clients.

    · Approcher les gens, expliquer les options disponibles et éduquer sur les avantages.

    · Travailler sur le terrain pour commercialiser le produit en face à face.
    Application Deadline
    August 31st
  • Mover-Driver
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Job Qualifications
    Driving licence: 1, 3 ,5 preferred
    Job Description
    Loading, and unloading moving truck
    Application Deadline
  • Greenhouse Maintenance Technician
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Job Qualifications
    • Conducts maintenance and repairs of greenhouses.
    • Performs scheduled daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual inspections and maintenance tasks.
    • Performs installations and repairs of irrigation systems (plumbing/PVC), horticultural equipment (such as electric carts), and electrical equipment (such as grow lights).
    • Performs basic carpentry, painting, and general repairs to maintain a clean and safe work environment.
    • Organizes and manages spare parts inventory. Orders and handles reception of parts/supplies that are running low.
    • Assesses and minimizes the use of Third Party Contractors (TPCs) for repairs, negotiates related contracts, schedules TPCs when approved, and assists in the completion and inspection of on-site repairs.
    • Responds to and investigates the system alarms and emergencies.
    • Proactively addresses areas of concern to minimize unplanned downtime.
    • Analyzes and troubleshoots equipment, conducts repairs, modifications, and predictive/preventative maintenance on building and facilities equipment: glass panels, fans, pumps, plumbing fixtures, and hydroponic systems.
    • Good record keeping and organization of maintenance schedules and records.
    • Develops preventive maintenance procedures and methods of record keeping.
    • Regular communication with management on maintenance completed and new procedures proposed as needed.
    • Complies with established provincial and federal regulations.
    Job Description
    Conducts and improves the maintenance operations of our three rooftop greenhouses. It is a hands-on role that requires technical and applied knowledge of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems (with a focus on irrigation systems). The ideal candidate is someone who can conduct our scheduled maintenance tasks, as well as identify and address mechanical failures of production equipment, structural/building deficiencies, and maintenance gaps.
    Application Deadline
    August 30th 2018
  • Embedded Software Engineer
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Medical Device Manufacturer
    Job Qualifications
    3+ years of embedded software development experience
    Robotics/real-time SW development C, C++, JAVA
    Job Description
    Develop code in an embedded, secured, controlled environment.
    Develop real-time embedded software drivers to control motors, actuators, photo-gates, servos…
    Application Deadline
    August 15, 2018
  • Slitter operator
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Job Qualifications
    Min 3 years experience on slitter machine in the plastics industry
    Job Description
    Operator for slitting machine
    Quality control
    Application Deadline
    August 30
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Art Gallery
    Job Qualifications
    - Minimum 3 years’ experience in programme and/or event planning. Previous experience working in a museum or cultural institution setting desirable.
    - Commitment to community arts programming.
    - Experience and an interest in working in underserved communities.
    - Experience working directly with a youth audience a plus.
    - Commitment and ability to work in a team environment.
    - The candidate must be open to a work environment that fully engages in anti-racist and anti-colonial discourses and practices, and that strives for broad accessibility.
    - Demonstrated ability to work across diverse cultures and styles.
    - Excellent written and spoken French and English. An additional, non-colonial language a plus.

    - Proficient skills using Microsoft Office Suite, Google drives and social media platforms. Knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite a plus.
    - Excellent written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills.
    - Knowledge of contemporary art and culture.
    - Attention to detail, organizational skills, flexibility, ability to solve problems expediently.
    - Demonstrated ability to work effectively as an independent self-starter and effectively manage multiple priorities.
    - Demonstrated ability to speak comfortably in front of both small and large groups.
    - Availability to work evenings and weekends, as scheduled.
    Job Description
    Public Programmes
    - Work with Artistic Co-Director and Curator(s)-in-Residence to plan public programmes that are integral to, support and/or run adjacent to SBC’s exhibitions, events and other activities.
    - Provide support to visiting curators and artists for large-scale community engagement projects.
    - Produce artist talks, scholarly lectures, panels, gallery tours, discussion groups, workshops, and other events.
    - Engage with community organizations to develop relevant programmes.
    - Develop and carry out SBC’s teacher and student tours programme: engage with student bodies in universities, as well as with high school and CEGEP teachers in academic outreach; coordinate and lead class tours.
    - Secure speaker agreements.
    - Arrange travel, lodging, and payment for visiting artists and speakers.
    - Evaluate and improve program attendance and engagement levels.
    - Record/document selected programs and distribute via website and social media.
    - Maintain records and files for all programs and prepare quarterly and annual reports.

    - Act as liaison between SBC and its community and artistic partners.
    - Work with Artistic Co-Director and Exhibitions and Communications Coordinator to develop annual outreach plans, in line with SBC’s mandate and mission.
    - Write and proofread related communications and promotional material; incorporate curatorial content produced by guest curators, artists and SBC’s Artistic Co-Director on curatorial workshops, conferences, screenings, educational activities and school tours, and publish across appropriate communications platforms.
    - Maintain timely and dynamic public information resources: website, social media, posters, etc.
    - Contribute content to SBC’s email newsletters and other communications materials.
    - Regularly reach out to known and new community organizations to foster partnerships.

    Event Coordination
    - Coordinate with Artistic Co-Director and Exhibitions and Communications Coordinator to schedule and produce events.
    - Maintain up-to-date shared master calendar of public programs and events.
    - Set-up and take-down of gallery events, opening/closing gallery during off-hours for special events.
    - Schedule trainee attendants for events.

    Internship Coordination
    - Serve as primary coordinator for SBC’s renowned internship program, working with Exhibitions and Communications Coordinator to train interns as gallery guides and keep them versed on ongoing exhibitions and programs.
    Application Deadline
    August 31, 2018
  • Receptionist and data entry clerk
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Manufacturer of window coverings
    Job Qualifications
    -Bilingual (French and English)
    -computer knowledge (excel, word, outlook)
    -ability to multitask, quick learner, motivated, courteous, professional and good communication skills

    Entry level. Training provided.
    Job Description
    day to day office activities including:
    -reception (answer phones and greet clients)
    -order entry -scheduling & completing forms for transport
    Application Deadline
  • Advancement Associate, Faculty of Engineering
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Job Qualifications
    Qualifying Skills and Abilities:
    • Previous experience in a fundraising/ corporate sales environment is an asset.
    • Proven experience working with volunteers and managing events and committees.
    • Tenacious and comfortable with various solicitation techniques, including cold-calling.
    • Self-starter and results-driven professional, with a demonstrated ability to liaise with a wide variety of clients and build effective relationships.
    • Demonstrated ability to work autonomously and as part of a team along with excellent interpersonal skills and savvy.
    • Client-focused with problem solving, priority setting, analytical and organizational skills. Strong verbal and written presentation and communication skills.
    • Ability to maintain confidentiality and work with sensitive information.
    • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment, carry on multiple projects within the same timeframe and adaptable and flexible to changing circumstances.
    Proficient in a PC environment, using MS Office
    Job Description
    Position Summary:
    Under general supervision of the Director Development, Faculty of Engineering, the Advancement Associate performs functions to support the Faculty of Engineering’s advancement objectives. This includes interfacing with University Advancement central Development, Alumni Relations/Annual Giving and Stewardship offices to meaningfully engage alumni, prospects, donors and other members of the McGill community in the Faculty in order to maximize philanthropic support for the Faculty and University. The Advancement Associate supports the full spectrum of advancement activities, including qualifications and solicitations for Annual Fund Leadership gifts.
    Main duties and responsibilities:
    • Work in close collaboration with colleagues in the central University Advancement Office and other Faculty-based fundraising operations.
    • Participate in applicable consortiums led by central teams (e.g., AR/AG, Stewardship) Development) including regular meetings to ensure alignment, share challenges and increase collaboration.
    • Work with development staff in identifying and building relationships with appropriate donors and prospects to increase awareness and encourage philanthropic support for the Faculty.
    • Assist the Dean and Development staff with donor meetings and development events.
    • Assist with the prioritization of prospects. Secure meetings/obtain appointments with donors/prospects, organize travel (if required) and prepare all related documentation required for visit. Assess and resolve related problems.
    • Qualify donors and make Annual Fund asks (see Annual Giving).
    • Prepare/draft materials and correspondence related to development activities such as briefing notes, donor correspondence, proposal, MOA’s, etc. Ensure that all communications materials are vetted by the Director of Development and the necessary central University Advancement partners.
    • Assist with the organization of volunteers including the Faculty Advisory Board. Organize all schedules for Faculty Advisory Board and follow-up communications to volunteers. Maintain close communication and act as Faculty liaison with volunteers.
    • Update contact reports for all prospect activity in the development unit. Prepare reports from the donor database.
    • Participate in data capture initiatives and ensure data updates on all prospect and volunteer activity.
    • Assist with development projects, as required.
    Annual Giving:
    • Harmonize Faculty annual fund solicitations with the central Annual Giving; solicit McGill Annual Fund Leadership gifts.
    • Assist with the administration of reunion class gifts; work closely with the central Annual Giving Reunion Class Gifts Officer to ensure effective delivery of the Faculty’s RCG program.
    Alumni Relations
    • Working in collaboration with Alumni Relations, participate in the development and execution of ongoing alumni relations programs and events within the Faculty including the organization of the Faculty’s involvement in Homecoming events.
    • Organize Dean and Development staff involvement in development/alumni events.
    • Assist with the organization of Faculty-based volunteer network to assist with alumni engagement and fundraising activities. Responsible for schedules and follow-up communications to volunteers pre- and post- meetings.
    • Engage leadership level annual fund donors through group and personalized activities in order move them through the giving pipeline.
    • Attend cultivation and donor relations events. Understand McGill’s overall and Faculty’s key fundraising priorities, in order to be an effective ambassador for the University/Faculty and its fundraising programs.
    • Provide support in the area of donor stewardship (i.e. organization of donor recognition events, acknowledgement letters, monitoring reporting process, etc.).
    • Acknowledge alumni and donor constituencies for customized direct-mail and phonathon solicitations.
    • Steward leadership level annual fund donors.
    • Work with volunteers to acknowledge reunion class gifts.
    • Utilize the Stewardship Profile to plan, track, and document stewardship tasks and occurrences, consistent with University-wide standards.
    • Organize the Dean’s Call list program, ensuring that priority donors have regular contact with the Dean.
    Application Deadline
    August 31st, 2018
  • Cooking & Nutrition Workshop Facilitator - Boîte à Lunch NDG
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Non-profit organization
    Job Qualifications
    • Bilingual French/English with the ability to facilitate comfortably in both languages;
    • Facilitation experience with youth;
    • Ability to interact positively with youth of various social and economic backgrounds;
    • Understanding of the challenges faced by immigrant families, appreciation of cultural knowledge;
    • Strong foundation and interest in healthy eating and nutrition;
    • Confidence in the kitchen and ability to transmit skills to participants in an empowering way;
    • Strong capacity for effective teamwork and experience working in community settings;
    • Knowledge of the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce community is an asset;
    • First aid certification and/or MAPAQ food handler certification is an asset;
    • Ability to ride a bicycle comfortably and/or a valid driver’s license are assets;
    • Sense of initiative and creativity encouraged, along with a passion for food and for cooking!

    A weekly schedule will be set for each facilitator. We have several part-time positions to fill with varying weekly hours (between 6 and 20 hours per week). Boîte à Lunch facilitation shifts are primarily in the afternoons and evenings. We will ask candidates to tell us their availabilities as part of the application process. In addition, facilitators will be expected to do some preparation work (reading) from home, and must be available for team meetings every 2 weeks and for the end-of-session party for Boîte à Lunch participants – Tuesday, December 11th from 3 to 8 PM.

    Contract Conditions:
    • 13-week contract from September 10th to December 14th, 2018;
    • Possible contract renewal in January 2019.
    • Salary: 15$ per hour.
    Job Description
    Responsibilities / Tasks:
    • Facilitation of cooking and nutrition workshops: 3 to 5 workshops per week;
    • Transfer of cooking skills and nutrition knowledge to workshop participants;
    • Ensure a safe and hygienic environment for participants;
    • Communication with participants and program partners;
    • Contribute to the development, planning, and evaluation of the workshops and program;
    • Participate in team meetings and facilitate collaboration among team members;
    • Facilitate the final party for Boîte à Lunch workshop participants (December 2018).
    Application Deadline
    17 August 2018 at 5 PM
  • Junior Web Designer​
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Non-for-profit organization
    Job Qualifications
    This position is a part-time paid internship with an hourly wage commensurate with experience, and includes potential paid training to acquire new and/or sharpen existing web designing skills. You will have the opportunity to implement your skills, creativity, and expertise by working with our growing client base as part of DESTA’s new in-house marketing agency.

    Successful candidates will possess the following:
    - Interest and/or experience in web design
    - Eagerness to learn and work as part of a group
    - Familiarity with Montreal’s black community
    - Mother-tongue fluency in English (oral and written), bilingualism an asset

    While not a requirement, in keeping with DESTA’s mission of serving Black youth the preferred age for the Junior Web Designer is between 18 and 35 years old, with little to moderate formal work experience in web development.
    Job Description
    Tasks and responsibilities include:
    - Web design, front end
    - Minimal back end such as online stores, online reservations
    - Building user-friendly websites
    - Modifying websites based on clients requests
    Application Deadline
    August 12th 2018
  • Warehouse Team Employee - Cleaning
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Job Qualifications
    Punctuality!; Organizational skills; Ability to work effectively both independently and in teams in a fast-paced and computerized environment; Ability to work quickly and precisely under pressure; Actively concerned and aware about both quality of work and of the products being handled; Ability to respect deadlines; Great work ethic, flexibility and attention to detail. Assets: Experience in the food industry and in agriculture; Logistical and warehouse experience; Experience in cleaning in a warehouse environment; Ability to communicate in French or English as well as basic reading skills.
    Job Description
    This general position at Lufa Farms requires a candidate who is able to clean out reusable delivery boxes and refrigeration boxes. They will also be responsible for scanning and replacing boxes, as well as the general cleaning of our distribution centre.
    Application Deadline
    August 31st, 2018
  • Junior Web Developer
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Job Qualifications
    Knowledge in designing and developing high availability web applications or services;
    Familiar with software testing, bug tracking and fixing;
    Knowledge in requirement writing and drafting;
    Experience in PHP;
    Familiar with API;
    Knowledge in SQL queries and database schema design;
    Ability to work quickly and precisely without making errors in a constantly changing environment;
    Can handle stressful situations in a calm manner;
    Great work ethic.
    Job Description
    The Junior Software Developer will be responsible for the development of applications that will support daily operations.

    Responsibilities include:
    -Design, evaluate, and code new features;
    -Architect new applications, and expand existing ones;
    -Investigate and fix production issues;
    -Define, document, and enforce regulations, procedures and formal instructions;
    -Ensure all code that goes to production is of top quality;
    -Ensure existing applications are scaled to meet expected demand;
    -Continuously improve the software infrastructure, such as the deployment process.
    Application Deadline
    August 31st, 2018
  • Purchaser - Category Manager
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Job Qualifications
    Bachelor’s degree in administration or equivalent;
    Ability to work independently, be incredibly organized and plan strategically;
    Devotion to quality and work well done;
    Ability to develop sustainable supplier relationships based on mutual trust;
    Strength and experience in negotiation;
    Strong communication skills in both French and English (oral and written);
    Strong work ethic, adaptable, detail oriented, respect for both products and deadlines;
    Good knowledge of computers and good comfort level using various software and apps (especially spreadsheet creation software).
    Job Description
    The purchaser is responsible for the management of supplier relations and the onboarding of new products.

    Responsibilities include:
    -Development of new products and suppliers aligned with the mission and vision of the company to optimize the product offerings in your respective category;
    -Price negotiations and sales forecasting;
    -Planning of promotional calendars and inventory management;
    -Validation of product and supplier descriptions in collaboration with marketing;
    -Monitoring sales and profitability results to ensure optimal performance of your categories.
    Application Deadline
    August 31st, 2018
  • Production Support Analyst
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Job Qualifications
    Required Technical knowledge:
    • Sound knowledge in SQL queries (Oracle preferred but PL/SQL, SQL Server or Sybase would be alternatives)
    • Prior experience of working in Unix environments and Shell scripting or Windows.
    • Knowledge of programming languages (C, C++, C, .Net, VBA, APS .Net) would be an advantage.
    • Knowledge of Schedulers (Autosys, Control M) and ETL tool (Datastage WTX) would be an advantage.
    • Candidates with an experience in a similar role would be preferred. He/she must be experienced in providing multi-disciplined technical support as part of a team, and have practical knowledge of performance and capacity management from an application, database and network perspective as well as strong aptitude for automation.
    Personal attributes:
    • Strong analytical skills
    • Good interpersonal skills and team player
    • Client focused
    • Attention to details
    • High energy level coupled with a desire to take on responsibility
    • Able to multi-task
    Required Education or Equivalent Experience:
    • Bachelor’s degree or higher or equivalent combination of education and experience
    Job Description
    Provide application and production support
    Application Deadline
    August 1-2 week
  • Transcriber, French speakers in Canada
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Information Technology
    Job Qualifications
    • Native speaker of French (Canada) language
    • Understands basic English
    • Access to a computer with reliable internet and the latest version of Mozilla Firefox
    • Minimum availability of 20 hours per week. You can work more if desired.
    Job Description
    Task description:

    • The task involves transcribing/converting audio and video recordings to text in French (Canada). You will be using a browser-based Appen transcription tool to carry out the task.
    • You are expected to work 20 hours weekly. You can choose to spread the required working hours throughout the week, including weekends.
    • Upon completion payment will follow via Paypal/Skrill
    Application Deadline
  • Receptionist
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Job Qualifications
    Previous experience
    Basic Computer skills
    Job Description
    Bill entry
    Customer log
    Answer phones
    Application Deadline
  • Travel Consultant
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Tour Company
    Job Qualifications
    1 year customer service experience, basic computer skills, billingual
    Job Description
    As the ideal candidate for this full-time position, you should be bilingual, possess excellent communication skills, be well organized, detail-oriented, have good computer skills and look forward to working with a mature clientele.
    Application Deadline
  • Collective Member
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Job Qualifications
    Valid driver's license and ability to drive a large cargo van
    Fluency in French OR English and ability to function conversationally in the other language
    Cooking experience (paid or unpaid)
    Ability to do heavy lifting including assisted heavy lifting
    Ability to work with and support queer people, trans people and people of colour
    Interest in and/or knowledge of local community organizing (formal or informal)
    Conflict de-escalation skills grounded in harm reduction and in support of marginalized people (formal or informal)
    Experience coordinating or engaging with large groups of volunteers/people
    Ability to work in a fast-paced environment with an open-door policy
    Ability to take on and initiate tasks in a non-hierarchical team setting
    Ability to manage and respond to a large influx of e-mails and use Google Drive

    Knowledge of consensus-based decision making processes
    Knowledge of a or multiple language(s) other than French or English
    Knowledge of sustainable food consumption and waste disposal
    Minute taking, policy writing and other non-profit/organizing experiences and skills
    Non-profit book-keeping

    We would like to emphasize that we highly consider experiences and labour that are often invisibilized, unrecognized, or done outside of contexts such as academia or formal work environments. These structures target marginalized groups of people by specifically and negatively impacting their access to opportunities. It erases the skills that marginalized people have that non-marginalized people do not. Please do not hesitate to let us know about any work that you have done that hasn’t been properly recognized by institutions in power.
    Job Description
    The primary activity of the People’s Potato is to serve daily vegan lunch to about 500 people on the Concordia University SGW campus. The People’s Potato is a worker-run organization where decisions are made collectively. Collective members both guide and execute the vision of the organization. Individuals hired will cook, clean, and pick up food donations; many tasks require heavy lifting. Collective members will take on a variety of these 3 to 5-hour shifts each week (4-5 shifts for full-timers or 2-3 for part-timers) and will participate in committee work such as organizing workshops, coordinating volunteers, stocking and organizing the kitchen, etc. Committee work will be determined based on the Collective’s current needs while taking into consideration the interests and skills of the new hires. ​Contracts typically begin mid-August, end mid-May and are renewed on a yearly basis. We are seeking applicants who are able to make at least a one year commitment. Work schedules are flexible; however collective members are expected to be available most weekdays between 8:30am and 3:30pm. Additionally, we have a weekly collective meeting, of which the day will be decided together, that is usually scheduled from 3:30pm - 5:30pm on a weekday. Some committee work can be done from home.
    Application Deadline
    August 3 2018
  • Office Administration Assistant (14 Month Contract)
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Managing General Agency
    Job Qualifications
    • Fluent French Language Skills – Bilingual
    • High school diploma or equivalent
    • Intermediate computer skills including Microsoft Office
    • Prior customer service or administration experience
    Job Description
    Position Summary:
    This role will assist with reception, broker services and new business coordinator activities.
    Critical Aspects:
    Multi-task and manage to tight timelines.
    Excellent customer service abilities.
    • Greet guests to the organization and direct them as required
    • Answer all incoming calls and handle caller's inquiries whenever possible
    • Receive, direct and relay telephone messages and fax messages
    • Open, date stamp and distribute all mail and general correspondence
    • Prepare all outgoing mail for Canada Post and ICS courier
    • Book and maintain the office meeting rooms
    • Scan and attach insurance policy documents
    • Special projects requested by management from time to time
    Broker Services
    • Provide customer service support to brokers
    • Maintain inventory and order software and marketing supplies as required
    • Process investment paperwork and run insurance quotes and illustrations
    • Processing applications for in force changes
    New Business Coordinator
    • Review and process new business applications and supporting documents
    • Order and coordinate medicals along with other necessary requirements
    • Follow up on pending applications, policies and delivery requirements
    • Liaise with advisors and carrier coordinators on a daily basis
    • Process delivery requirements and release policies
    Application Deadline
    August 3, 2018
  • Customer Service Representative
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Travel - rewards management
    Job Qualifications
    • Avoir compléter votre diplôme d’étude Secondaires et des études postsecondaires connexes ou expérience équivalente
    • Compétences minimales de 35 WPM et de 5 000 frappes par heure
    • Connaissance pratique des applications d'environnement PC / Windows, Internet, mobiles et tablettes
    • Service à la clientèle ou expérience de vente, expérience dans un centre d'appels est un atout
    • Compétences en communication écrite et verbale, français et anglais
    • Bonne connaissance de la géographie et de l'expérience / passion pour le voyage
    • Confortable avec une cédule variante incluant soir et fin de semaine

    Job Description
    Si vous pensez que ce poste est pour vous, nous avons un travail passionnant!
    • Conseiller les clients sur tous les avantages du programme
    • Rechercher, réserver et re-céduler les vols
    • Aider les clients à naviguer et à utiliser pleinement le site Web
    • Améliorer la fidélité des membres en faisant la promotion des partenaires
    • Gérer et résoudre les préoccupations des membres 
    Application Deadline
    August 15th
  • Commission-based Sales Rep
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Job Qualifications
    High School Graduate with good interpersonal skills and an energetic and proactive personality
    Basic knowledge of Business of Finance is a plus.
    Job Description
    To cold call and arrange/attend meetings with CFOs in Montreal area.
    Application Deadline
  • Mécanicien de Wagons ferroviaires
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Job Qualifications
    . Diplôme d’études secondaires
    . 1- 2 années d'expérience de travail préférablement dans un milieu industriel/manufacturier
    . Complétion d’un Diplôme d’études professionnel en Mécanique Industrielle, Soudure, Mécanique Automobile ou activités similaires, un atout
    Job Description
    Le Mécanicien de Wagons entreprend différents travaux de réparations sur les wagons ferroviaires incluant:
    - Effectuer des travaux de décapage à l’intérieur et à l’extérieur des wagons ferroviaires en utilisant une méthode de grenaillage.
    - démanteler, réparer, installer et/ou renouveler les pièces des wagons
    - Exécuter des travaux de soudure sur des matériaux ferreux et non ferreux en utilisant des diffèrent techniques et positions.
    Application Deadline
  • Receptionist/ Junior Office Clerk
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Job Qualifications
    Details oriented, hard-working, reliable.
    Job Description
    Data entry, office duties, answering phones.
    Application Deadline
    August 1, 2018
  • Financial Manager
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    non-profit music festival
    Job Qualifications
    The Ideal Candidate:
    • Has 2+ years of bookkeeping and/or accounting experience, including accounts payable and receivable, payroll, general ledger, issuance of checks, tax returns, insurance.
    • Has 2+ years of experience with building and managing budgets.
    • Has experience doing cash-flow analysis and projections.
    • Has strong spoken and written skills in French and English.
    • Has experience working in the music industry.
    • Is comfortable working in a community-based, non-profit setting.
    • Can work independently, is organized, and pays great attention to detail.
    • Can work collaboratively, and has strong interpersonal communication skills.
    Job Description
    Purpose of Position:
    Under the supervision of and in collaboration with the Executive Producer, the Financial Manager will manage the accounting and financial reporting services and systems for POP Montreal, in accordance with organizational policy and legislative requirements. The Financial Manager will also coordinate and execute the ticketing and pass system for the festival.

    Financial Controller

    • Working with the Executive Producer: creates and monitors budgets for departments and projects; plans and ensures optimum use of resources.

    • Working with the Executive Producer: coordinates the preparation of annual and quarterly budgets, forecasts, and cash flow projections to guide the financial management of the organization.

    • Monitors and reports on budget allocations on a regular basis.

    • Prepares budgets for public reports and grant applications as well as reporting for grants as required.

    Financial analysis and planning:

    • Analyses and reports on the company’s financial position on a regular basis.

    • Creates and manages cash-flow analyses of the organization and advises on the planning of programming and events.

    • Forecasts and manages financial risk of the organization; forecasts company growth and advises on its impact to the organization.

    • Participates in general financial planning and funds management.


    • Ensures the development, implementation, compliance with and maintenance of company financial accounting policies and systems in accordance with generally accepted accounting standards.

    • Oversees the fulfillment of tax returns, insurance, and other reports required by government regulations; liaises with auditors, external accountants, and others on financial matters as company spokesperson.

    • Responsible for data entry and bookkeeping (accounts payable and receivable, general ledger, payroll, issuance of checks, etc.)

    • Assists in internal audits of project and general budgets as required.

    • Undertakes general filing and record-keeping of financial materials.

    • Monitors and records office petty cash and receipt collection, and bank deposits; monitors and reconciles bank account, PayPal and other ongoing revenue and expenses.

    • Settles shows for both year-round and festival events.

    Ticketing/Pass Manager
    • Coordinates the development of, and manages, monitors, and reports on the annual ticketing and pass system.

    • Coordinates with ticketing companies; provides information to the Marketing and Communications department relevant to marketing plans for ticket and pass sales.

    • Provides training to POP festival volunteers on pass and ticket procedures; prepares festival show files for venue managers; oversees box office at all festival venues to ensure that ticketing and pass system runs smoothly.

    • Analyses ticketing and pass data post-festival, provides reports to relevant departments.
    Application Deadline
    August 30, 2018
  • Early Childhood Music Teacher
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Music Education
    Job Qualifications
    Requirements include a degree in music and teaching experience. The applicant must be able to teach beginner piano lessons. Experience and/or training in teaching children 4 and under is a plus.
    Job Description
    Duties include teaching general music group classes to children ages 1-5 and teaching private piano and music lessons to children ages 3-5. The music teacher will also be asked to blog about their private students on the company’s blog to share their student’s progress with the parents.
    Application Deadline
    August 20
  • ÉtudiantE d'été en autonomie alimentaire
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    organisme communautaire
    Job Qualifications
    • Formation en cours au collégial ou à l’université (en sciences humaines, travail social ou organisation communautaire un atout)
    • Expérience en mobilisation / travail avec des bénévoles
    • Expérience de travail avec le public
    • Sens de l’organisation et courtoisie
    • Facilité à travailler en équipe
    • Faire preuve d’autonomie et de dynamisme
    • Bonne maîtrise du français parlé/écrit
    • Bonne condition physique
    • Habiter à St-Henri un atout

    Critères d’admissibilité :
    • Être âgé-e entre 18 et 30 ans
    • Être inscrit-e comme étudiant-e à temps plein au cours de l’année scolaire précédente et avoir l’intention de retourner aux études à temps plein au cours de la prochaine année scolaire
    • Être citoyen-ne canadien-ne, résident-e permanent-e ou désigné-e comme réfugié-e en vertu de la Loi sur l’immigration et la protection des réfugiés;
    • Être légalement autorisé-e à travailler au Canada conformément aux dispositions législatives réglementaires en vigueur dans la province ou le territoire visé.
    Job Description
    • Assurer la réalisation des mini-marchés et des différentes étapes logistiques s’y rattachant
    • Mobiliser des citoyen-ne-s de Saint-Henri dans la réalisation des marchés saisonniers et soutenir l’appropriation des mini-marchés par la communauté de St-Henri, en tant qu’espace de socialisation, de mobilisation et d’échange
    • Assurer l’encadrement des bénévoles
    • Mobiliser les organismes et institutions du quartier à participer aux mini-marchés
    • Faire la promotion et la diffusion des mini-marchés dans le quartier
    • Élaborer des outils d’information et de sensibilisation
    • Animer des activités éducatives sur les sites de mini-marchés
    • Autres tâches connexes
    Application Deadline
    18 août
  • Bilingual Territory Sales Manager
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Collision Industry Parts Supplier
    Job Qualifications
    - 2+ years' experience in outbound sales or a retail commission environment
    - Strong preference to candidates that have a background in the Automotive Industry.  Experience in Industrial Equipment, Agriculture or the Food Supply industries will also be considered assets
    - Completion of post-secondary education in the form of a Certificate, Degree or Diploma is strongly preferred
    - 2+ years' experience using Salesforce or a comparable client database software
    - Fully bilingual with the ability to communicate easily at all levels in both English & French
    - Technically savvy with the ability to work easily within both Apple and Microsoft environments
    - Strong interpersonal skills with a high level of professionalism 
    - Highly detailed with exceptional organization at all levels
    - Independent and self-motivated with a proven ability to manage one's schedule with minimal supervision
    - Proven ability to multi-task in a fast-paced sales environment
    - Fast learner with the ability to maintain knowledge on several different types of products simultaneously
    - Valid driver's license with a clean driver's abstract
    - Access to personal vehicle in solid, working condition
    - Valid Canadian passport with the ability to travel to the United States regularly for training and conference attendance
    Job Description
    - Conduct sales calls to existing client base with an emphasis on relationship building and education on new products
    - Maintain an inventory of manufacturer samples in order to provide demonstrations to clients during sales calls
    - Regularly update client database via Salesforce in order to track relationship and sales progression metrics
    - Ensure visibility within assigned territory in an effort to both maintain existing relationships and foster new ones
    - Remain up to date on manufacturer partner product offerings as well as their features, benefits and potential cost savings in order to present value to clients
    - Regularly touch base with current clients to ensure satisfaction and support with training on products as needed
    - Foster manufacturer representative relationships in order to collaboratively support client needs
    - Attend industry forums, conferences and trade shows as required across North America
    Application Deadline
    August 17th
  • Harvester
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Job Qualifications
    Must be physically and mentally able to maintain cruising speed during 8 hours of physical labour in a hot and humid environment;
    Capable walking/bending and lifting for extended periods;
    Able to work well under pressure;
    Able to lift 10-15 pounds.

    Laval: Sunday from 12pm to 6 pm, Monday to Thursday from 10 am to 3:30 pm. 25-30 hours per week.
    Anjou: Sunday to Thursday from 3:00 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. 40-45 hours/week
    Job Description
    Harvesters work during the night to ensure that produce is delivered fresh to our clients the following day. You will be responsible for harvesting the correct quantity and ensuring the quality of each item. Other duties include plant care and greenhouse janitorial tasks.
    Application Deadline
    August 24th, 2018
  • Coordinator
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Job Qualifications
    • Hours can be variable and are not limited to regular business days or hours (e.g. circles, open door, meetings with colleagues and clientele)
    • Availability may be required on short notice for emergencies or situations requiring imminent response

    Vision and Planning
    • Attend to long-term vision of non-profit organization by bringing relevant ideas, policy considerations, needs, and issues to Board of Directors
    • Effectively manage large, complex, multi-year projects which require attention to changing objectives and constraints
    • Ability to manage, identify and solicit financial support opportunities (e.g. grants, etc.)

    Collaboration and Communication
    • Possess excellent English language skills and is comfortable communicating in French as well
    • Ability to develop personal and institutional relationships
    • Possess excellent communication skills necessary for promoting Communitas’ work, reporting, applying for grants, etc.
    • Possess working understanding of social and web media

    Leadership, Management, and Coordination
    • Possess the ability to effectively oversee and delegate responsibility to employees, contractors, and volunteers
    • Ability to craft and monitor annual and project budgets over $100,000
    • Ability to plan and facilitate effective meetings with a variety of demographics
    • Ability to work independently and with initiative, as well as part of a team
    • Effectiveness with organizational marketing and positioning
    • Organize annual membership consultations

    (Inter-)Personal Skills
    • Ability to cultivate and maintain trust with individuals from a variety of backgrounds, including those who may be distrustful of others
    • Ability to handle situations with discretion, wisdom, maturity, confidentiality, and without prejudice

    Experience and knowledge
    • Familiarity and comfort with, and commitment to, field of social reintegration of those who have spent time in prison
    • Familiarity and comfort with, and commitment to, principles and ethos of restorative justice work
    • Possess working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite and willingness to learn new technologies
    • Experience working with vulnerable populations is an asset

    Note: This position will require eligibility to work in correctional environments and to have access to protected, confidential or sensitive information, and thus may require background checks as appropriate.

    Education and Experience

    Graduate degree in a related field is required; however, a strong record of experience in combination with an undergraduate degree may be accepted in lieu of a graduate degree
    Job Description
    Role Description
    This full-time role requires you to take a dynamic leadership role in the administration, programming, and strategic planning of a small non-profit organization dedicated to social justice through the reintegration
    of current and former inmates in the Montreal area. Significant attention will be given to the successful management and growth of our Circles of Support and Accountability (CoSA) project, which facilitates community supports for individuals with a history of sexual offenses.

    The role will require you to take a leadership role in and/or oversight of a variety of activities, including but not limited to recruiting, screening, and training volunteers and beneficiaries, cultivating supportive
    relationships with volunteers and beneficiaries in both group and one-on-one contexts, ensuring the adherence of activities to Communitas policies and project parameters, monitoring spending, coordinating
    fundraising efforts, completing and/or overseeing narrative, statistical, and financial reporting, and liaising with—and promoting activities to—relevant correctional and community partners as well as general public.

    The Coordinator will report directly to the Board of Directors and will work in consultation with the Steering Committee and members of the organization.

    The expected start date of this position is September 1, 2018
    Application Deadline
    August 10, 2018
  • Driver and Delivery Assistant
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Non-profit organization
    Job Qualifications
    Specific skills and experience required:
    • Valid driver’s license and clean driving record;
    • Comfortable driving a 12 foot cube truck;
    • Basic communication skills in French and English;
    • Comfortable working both independently and as part of a team;
    • Able to act autonomously to make choices based on the Depot’s food needs;
    • Comfortable with regular loading and unloading of truck (lifting up to 50lbs);
    • Passionate about “Good Food for All”!
    • Resident of NDG an asset.

    Working conditions:
    • Salary: $100/workday
    • Workdays begin at 8:30 AM on Mondays.
    • Workdays will last 5 hours minimum, and on average 8 hours.
    • Each workday includes two 15 minute breaks and one 30 minute lunch break;
    • Please note that workdays are subject to change due to holidays.
    • Contract begins immediately
    Job Description
    Key Responsibilities / Tasks:
    • Drive the truck (with or without an assistant);
    • Assist the Distribution Manager and the Market Coordinator to manage inventory and prepare for pick-ups;
    • Plan travel schedules and route to optimize transportation;
    • Load / unload goods from the truck, in accordance with delivery times and schedules;
    • Know our food needs (for Distribution, markets, the kitchen, and other programs);
    • Inspect and select products at suppliers in accordance with our healthy food policy;
    • Ensure truck cleanliness and conduct pre- and post-trip inspections both inside the cabin and box and on the outside truck body.
    • Delegate tasks to volunteers to help unload, stock, and rotate foods.
    Application Deadline
    Rolling deadline
  • Analyste du Soutien Technique, Soutien Médias
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Radio and Broadcasting
    Job Qualifications
    Votre profil:
    • La formation. Vous avec un diplôme en sciences informatiques, en technologies de l’information ou dans un domaine connexe.
    • L’expérience. Vous avez de l’expérience en soutien aux utilisateurs finaux dans les environnements Windows et Mac, ainsi que pour tous les systèmes d’exploitation mobiles. Vous connaissez les environnements utilisateurs d’entreprises types, ainsi que les outils (et les solutions de rechange) pour l’installation, le déploiement et le soutien des logiciels, du matériel et des applications servant aux équipes internes.
    • Les aptitudes pour la communication. Vous êtes bilingue. Vous savez comment exposer vos idées, documenter des processus et des flux de travail et exprimer vos opinions tout en faisant preuve de sensibilité. Vous savez être à l’écoute et vous comprenez les divers points de vue. Vous avez de l’expérience en documentation technique et en animation de formation, que ce soit pour les formateurs ou les utilisateurs finaux.
    • L’approche collaborative. Vous exprimez votre plein potentiel dans un environnement axé sur le travail d’équipe. Vous savez comment guider des équipes et vous voulez jouer un rôle actif, en tout lieu et en tout temps.
    • Le doigté dans l’établissement de liens. Vous êtes empathique et patient. Vous comprenez le point de vue du client, et votre priorité est de fournir du soutien et des solutions rapides et stables. Vous êtes capable d’entretenir de solides relations bidirectionnelles avec des pairs, des partenaires, des clients, des employés, des cadres supérieurs et des fournisseurs technologiques externes.
    • L’esprit d’analyse et la créativité. Vous êtes capable d’analyser les problèmes et de trouver des solutions novatrices. Votre approche est proactive et originale. Vous avez les aptitudes pour la résolution de problèmes, la recherche et la planification minutieuse.
    • Capacité d’adaptation. Vous travaillez dans un environnement à la fine pointe de la technologie et adoptez rapidement de nouveaux outils. Vous connaissez les pratiques exemplaires d’aujourd’hui et vous exprimez votre plein potentiel dans un environnement Agile. Vous savez comment décortiquer les problèmes, surmonter les obstacles et proposer des solutions à court et à long terme.
    • La souplesse. Vous êtes en mesure de vous déplacer partout au Canada jusqu’à 30% de votre temps.
    Job Description
    Qui êtes-vous et où en êtes-vous maintenant? Vous êtes un analyste du soutien ou un administrateur de systèmes d’expérience qui souhaite faciliter le travail des autres. Vous avez peut-être déjà été conseiller dans une équipe de soutien aux utilisateurs finaux, ou encore vous avez travaillé dans de petites ou de grandes entreprises en offrant du soutien pour un éventail de technologies et d’outils. Quelle que soit votre situation, vous voulez travailler dans un environnement en constante évolution, participer à la réalisation de multiples projets, relever de nouveaux défis et vous sentir utile en aidant les autres. Vous faites preuve de créativité pour résoudre des problèmes et vous apprenez facilement les nouvelles technologies. Vous êtes prêt à ramper sur le sol pour brancher des câbles réseau et êtes capable de rire des bonnes comme des mauvaises blagues. Vous mettez tout votre cœur pour simplifier l’utilisation des technologies, faciliter les transitions et accroître la mobilisation des utilisateurs finaux grâce aux outils à leur portée. Vous souhaitez travailler partout au pays, en collaborant étroitement avec votre équipe pour soutenir les utilisateurs finaux. Vous faites preuve de souplesse et d’adaptabilité dans un environnement ambigu et trépidant, où la pression est forte et les échéances serrées. Vous voulez faire partie d’une équipe soudée lorsqu’elle part en mission pour soutenir la mise en œuvre d’un projet; un groupe de travail où on se sent comme en famille, avec qui on peut participer à des activités de groupe comme le lancer de la hache ou les jeux d’évasion.
    Application Deadline
    September 15, 2018
  • Property Manager
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Property Management
    Job Qualifications

    Bilingual (English & French)
    Excellent knowledge of construction and real-estate
    Good financial background (ability to create various budgets)
    Ability to work with minimal supervision
    Able to set priorities, handle multiple tasks and meet deadlines
    Good computer knowledge in Word, Excel, and Outlook.
    Ability to read and understand leases
    Job Type: Full-time


    Property Management: 5 years

    Driver's Licence

    Job Description

    Responsible for all building operations including; maintenance staff, external contractors and building technical facilities (HVAC, mechanical and electrical systems, fire and personal safety systems, building controls and risk management)
    Perform daily inspections of the building and property grounds
    Ensure that the highest level of preventative safety measures and cleanliness
    Prepare, monitor and manage the annual expense budget
    Prepare monthly forecasts, variance reports, and adjustments for the accounting department
    Monitor all public services
    Negotiate and manage all service contracts with the property services group
    Manage sustainability processes
    Manage tenant construction work
    Collaborate with various departments and suppliers
    Respond to emergencies related property operations
    Provide the necessary technical information for major or minor repairs
    Prepare project quotes and obtain approval for submission
    Supervise contractor work
    Application Deadline
    August 15, 2018
  • Sous-chef
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Job Qualifications
    Exigences et conditions de travail

    Niveau d'études : Universitaire 1er cycle (Bac)
    Années d'expérience reliées à l'emploi :5 années d'expérience minimum
    Langues demandées : langues parlées : français, anglais, Vietnamien
    langues écrites : français, anglais, Vietnamien
    Autres langues : Vietnamien=un atout
    Salaire offert : 40 000,00$/anné
    Nombre d'heures par semaine : 40,00
    Conditions diverses : Travail 5 jrs/semaine
    Statut d'emploi : permanent
    temps plein,jour, soir, fin de semaine
    Date prévue d'entrée en fonction : plus tôt possible
    Job Description
    Principales fonctions:
    • Assister la direction dans la gestion quotidienne d'un restaurant
    • Superviser le travail des cuisiniers
    • Implanter un service de fondue Vietnamienne et Entrainer les cuisiniers
    • Expliquer les nouvelles techniques de service de fondue Vietnamienne et le nouvel équipement aux cuisiniers
    • Dresser, au besoin, des menus et commander des aliments et des fournitures de cuisine
    • Préparer et faire cuire des repas ou des aliments 
    Application Deadline
    no deadline
  • Finance Administrative Coordinator
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Job Qualifications
    • A love of food, a passion for food sovereignty, and a firm belief in the importance of sustainability
    • Excellent interpersonal skills; communication and listening skills
    • 2 years of related experience in bookkeeping/accounting
    • Experience with money management and budgeting
    • Experience with payroll processing and government filings, such as TPS/TVQ reporting and MEV submission
    • Familiarity with the cooperative business model.
    • Ability to function in a horizontal environment.
    • Ability to balance effective leadership skills with power-sharing abilities in a communal decision-making cooperative structure and empower all workers.
    • Strong organization skills, attention to detail, ability to prioritize workload, and multitasking
    • Financial competence including a clear understanding of margins, pricing and inventory management/controls techniques
    • Ethical conduct and responsibility -- sets a positive example and fulfills responsibilities with the highest integrity, ethics, and professionalism
    • Technical proficiency in POS software (Lightspeed), accounting software (SAGE 50), and payment processing technology
    • Technologically proficient in basic computer skills, including excel and word
    • .Experience in the food service industry

    Assets (recommended, but not required):
    • Degree, diploma or equivalent in business management or accounting.
    • Knowledge of product quality and variety, health and safety regulations, storage, and labeling.
    • Bilingualism (French/English)
    • Knowledge of, or a certificate for, Hygiene and Food Safety training for managers as defined by the Ministère de l'Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l'Alimentation (MAPAQ).
    • Familiarity with cooperative and non hierarchical business models
    • As a student-run co-op, we prioritize candidates enrolled in a minimum of at least 1 class at Concordia University.

    Job Description
    The administrative coordinator will work closely with the other coordinators, worker members, and the board of directors to help ensure the smooth operation of our organization. They are expected to be present at each Hive location on a regular basis. Their time will be spent between core tasks and special projects. Core tasks will take place on a regular basis and are essential to support other workers in the co-­op. They will also be the lead for a number of projects throughout their term designed to address specific organizational needs that will improve communication, efficiency, and the overall success of the organization. Subsequent projects to be undertaken will be decided upon by the coordinators and worker members, collectively.


    • Developing procedures/policy in collaboration with committee members
    • Ensure organizational documentation is up to date and organized
    • Coordinating bi-monthly coordinator meetings
    • Liaising with the board of directors
    • Including supporting of the the calling President/Secretary in organizing Board logistics such as calling of Board meetings
    • Attend Board meetings to present information and represent coordinator concerns
    • Sit on the Executive Committee to facilitate pressing decisions in between Board meeting
    • Chairing the finance committee meetings
    • Including the production of regular, accurate financial statements and calling of regular meetings
    • Act as secretary for the Human resources committee, including calling meetings and creating agendas.
    • Support all Coordinators when possible
    • Work collaboratively with General Cafe Coordinator to ensure the smooth functioning of the Mezz and Loyola Cafe, including inventory, stocking, and deposits, as well as worker member support and coordination, as needed
    • Maintain a presence on the floor of the cafes to support Worker Members as needed
    • Maintain organisational calendar including government remittances and other filings (TPS/TVQ, CSST declarations, payroll remittances, etc).
    • Ensure organization information systems are functional
    • Maintain an accurate membership database
    • Ensure organization complies with cooperative law and any other necessary government regulations

    • Procure and organize relevant documentation for accounting system
    • Accounting bookkeeping and data entry of accounts payable and receivable
    • Prepare payments for suppliers
    • Coordinate accounts receivable, including creation of invoices, communication with clients, and financial tracking
    • Maintaining of organized and accurate accounting records
    • Account reconciliations and preparation of regular financial reports
    • Oversee year­-end review/audit
    • Liaise with suppliers
    • Oversee organization’s cash flow
    • Provide and make accessible financial information to other worker/user members
    • Ensure appropriate financial training within the organization
    • Prepare weekly deposits from sales
    • Provide financial evaluation of proposed projects and organizational changes
    • Budget development
    • Grant research and writing
    • Remit quarterly tax payments
    • Submit monthly MEV reports
    • Ensure all annual fees, including certifications and income taxes, are paid and up to date
    • Abide by Financial Policies

    Human Resources
    • Coordinate payroll, including production of ROE, T4 and RL1 slips
    • Oversee contracts/reviews
    • Ensure human resource regulatory compliance

    Application Deadline
    Aug 6, 2018
  • Learning Solutions Writer
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Professional Services company, providing training programs to the pharmaceutical industry
    Job Qualifications
    • 3-5 years experience in writing business development materials for adjacent industries (software, digital advertising, eCommerce, training, etc.)
    • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in Business Administration, Marketing, Communications, Journalism, or English Literature
    • Strong English written and spoken, French an asset
    • Excellent research skills and ability to communicate clearly, effectively and persuasively in a business environment
    • Pharmaceutical industry background
    • Computer skills: Full proficiency: MS Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel); Outlook;
    • Comfortable with working in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment, detailed oriented environment
    • Ability to produce client ready materials
    • Exceptional organizational skills: proven abilities in the areas of project management, initiative, priority setting, follow through and multi-tasking, team work
    • Strong interpersonal and leadership skills in a dynamic team environment
    • Ability to travel occasionally (valid passport)

    • Instructional design background
    • Science degree
    •Experience as a courseware developer or technical writer
    • Experience in creative design (graphics, etc), Acrobat Suite
    Job Description
    The Role
    The Learning Solutions Writer is a member of Learning & Design team, supporting the Sales Team by developing proposals for our clients in pharmaceutical sales and medical devices. The main job duties involve researching, organizing ideas, and writing to high-quality responses to the client’s business needs. The role works in collaboration with internal stakeholders to make a cohesive proposal and/or pitch.

    Responsibilities/daily tasks
    • Reviews the information provided by the client to respond to the client’s business need;
    • Analyzes and interprets the criteria associated with proposals and Statement of Work (SOWs), and participates in the development of a clear and targeted strategy to respond to the training need of the client;
    • Determines the work concept; gathers, develops and formats information to respond the clients request;
    • Collaborates with the Sales Directors to obtain direction on the work specifications and follow-up;
    • Organizes and meets with stakeholders involved with the development of the proposal and SOW;
    • Manages all aspects of proposals and SOW process and delivery to ensure timelines are met
    • Promotes and supports sales and marketing initiatives by contributing to the development of materials (including demos, portfolios, sales presentations) for client presentations and meetings
    Application Deadline
    August 17, 2018
  • Document Design Specialist
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Professional Services company, providing training programs to the pharmaceutical industry
    Job Qualifications

    • Strong knowledge of Storyline (2 and 360), MS Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook)
    • Bachelor of Arts in Communications, Life Sciences or a related discipline or equivalent training
    • Minimum 2 years of relevant experience in an office environment
    • Detail oriented, dedicated and resourceful
    • Well organized, strong time management skills
    • Very good communication and interpersonal skills
    • Quick learner and creative
    • Strong team player and self-motivated
    • Ability to multitask, problem solve, and handle stress
    • Languages: English (oral and written) and French (working knowledge)


    • Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and an eye for visual design
    • Knowledge of media production
    • Experience in pharmaceutical, healthcare, and training sectors
    • Knowledge of HTML, CSS
    Job Description
    Responsibilities/daily tasks:

    • Produces digital modules using Storyline, PPT and other rapid authoring tools
    • Creates and produces templates for digital modules in various media formats (example: Storyline, PowerPoint, Word, CPDF, Inkling, etc.)
    • Formats documents and reports
    • Prepares documents in the appropriate delivery format for the client project
    • Assists other departments to complete project requirements (integration, graphics, QA, etc.), as required
    Application Deadline
    August 17, 2018
  • In-Home Sales Consultant - Montreal QC
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Job Qualifications
    • Professionnel des ventes avec un historique de succès dans les ventes à domicile
    • Industrie de la rénovation domiciliaire
    • Aime rencontrer les gens et savoir les convaincre
    • Passionné par nos clients
    • Capable de se connecter à tous les niveaux de Home Depot
    • Communiquer efficacement avec les installateurs
    • Soucieux du détail
    • Ouvert à l'apprentissage et au coaching, partager vos connaissances avec les autres
    • Un défenseur loyal de la marque, vous croyez en la valeur d'un grand service et les coûts qui y sont associés
    • Adopter une technologie complète
    Job Description
    Ce que nous offrons:
    • Des références de qualité, et beaucoup d'entre-elles, pas de ‘’cold call’’
    • Des programmes de rémunération rapide, des commissions concurrentielles - de 50 000 $ à 100 000 $ plus par année!
    • Une équipe professionnelle pour vous accompagner avec des re-mesureurs, des coordinateurs de projets, des installateurs, etc.
    • Un coach dévoué pour vous assurer que vous avez tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour réussir
    • Club des millionnaires - voyage annuel pour vous et votre partenaire significatif. Le dernier était au magnifique Costa Rica.

    Application Deadline
    August 16, 2018
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Job Qualifications
    Compétences et qualifications
    • Attitudes et comportement professionnels (aptitudes pour le travail d’équipe, autonomie, dynamisme, entregent, honnêteté, polyvalence, sens de l’initiative, sens de l’organisation, etc.)
    • Connaissance et application des principes de base en santé et sécurité, du SIMDUT, de même qu’en hygiène et salubrité
    • Leadership, débrouillardise et capacité de prise rapide de décisions
    • Rapidité d’exécution et bon sens de l’équilibre
    • Tolérance au stress
    • Capacité d’analyse et de visualisation des possibilités
    • Connaissance des équipements de réfrigération et des techniques de conservation
    • Connaissances culinaires de base
    • Connaissance du vocabulaire de la cuisine
    • Connaissance des allergies alimentaires
    • Capacité à communiquer facilement et rapidement l’information
    • Aptitude pour les mathématiques (calcul des quantités, proportion, etc.)
    • Aptitude à effectuer plusieurs tâches en parallèle (multitâches)
    • Grande capacité de concentration dans un environnement bruyant et mouvementé
    • Sens du goût et de l’odorat développés, ainsi qu’une bonne vue
    Une année d’expérience pertinente en cuisine asiatique.
    Connaissance du WOK
    Une formation académique et/ou un apprentissage de travail à l’étranger constituent des atouts importants.
    Job Description
    Principales tâches :
    • Analyser le travail à faire
    • Examiner les réserves et ingrédients disponibles
    • Décortiquer et ordonner le travail à faire
    • Réaliser une recette
    • Effectuer la mise en place
    • Préparer les aliments : les fonds et sauces, les potages, les plats à base de viande ou de volaille, les plats à base de pâtes, farinages et œufs, les plats à base de crustacés et de poissons, les plats à base de légumes et fruits, les desserts de base
    • Effectuer le service
    • Organiser son aire de service
    • Contrôler la qualité des plats préparés
    • Dresser les mets
    • Assurer la conservation
    • Identifier les aliments à conserver
    • Déterminer la méthode de conservation
    • Préparer les aliments en vue de leur conservation
    • Contrôler la conservation
    • Entretenir le poste de travail et les outils
    • Maintenir en ordre le poste de travail
    • Entretenir les outils et les équipements
    • Nettoyer et aseptiser
    • Appliquer les règles d’hygiène personnelle et de sécurité
    Application Deadline
  • Représentant des ventes bilingue
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Job Qualifications
    • Viser un haut niveau de sécurité et se conformer à toutes les politiques et pratiques en matière de sécurité
    • Excellentes compétences en communication, orale et écrite
    • Parfait bilinguisme, à l’oral comme à l’écrit
    • Connaissance des concepts, pratiques et procédures standards de l’industrie
    • Capacité à bien comprendre et vendre les produits, programmes et services Orgill
    • Aptitude à gérer efficacement son horaire et les multiples priorités
    • Aptitude à entretenir de bonnes communications avec les clients, les fournisseurs et les employés de Orgill
    • Être capable de persuader et d’avoir de l’influence
    • Excellentes compétences à nouer des relations d’affaires
    • Capacité à se motiver et travailler avec un minimum de supervision
    • Démontrer de l’intérêt et de l’aptitude à se tenir au courant des nouveautés, chez Orgill et dans l’industrie
    • Maîtriser l'utilisation de la messagerie électronique, d'Internet et des applications informatiques Microsoft Office
    • Posséder au moins deux ans d’expérience dans le commerce de gros ou de détail de produits de quincaillerie, de matériaux de construction ou agricoles
    • Détenir un permis de conduire valide et un bon dossier de conducteur
    • Idéalement, être détenteur d’un diplôme d’études universitaires
    Disponibilité à voyager partout au Canada et É.U (frais de déplacement payés)
    Job Description
    • Vendre les produits, programmes et services Orgill applicables aux clients existants, tout en veillant au processus de commande pour maximiser les ventes et minimiser les réclamations ou retours de marchandise
    • Augmenter la part de marché des clients existants en identifiant et tirant parti de toutes les occasions de ventes, à l’aide notamment du programme de conversion Smart Start lorsque disponible
    • Préparer des propositions d’affaires professionnelles et les présenter aux responsables des décisions chez les clients potentiels, et tisser des liens avec eux.
    • Se préparer soigneusement et être présent aux Marchés des détaillants Orgill afin d’augmenter le nombre de visiteurs et les ventes
    • Toujours maintenir un haut niveau de connaissances des produits, des fournisseurs et de l'industrie pour maximiser les ventes
    • Élaborer et mettre en œuvre des plans d'action hebdomadaires comprenant des visites déterminées selon des itinéraires efficaces pour maximiser les ventes
    • Tenir un registre des tâches et des personnes-ressources dans les magasins pour maximiser les ventes
    • Effectuer toute autre tâche assignée ou requise pour soutenir le bon déroulement des affaires de l’entreprise
    Application Deadline
  • Artistic and Administrative Assistant
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Non Profit/Arts Organization
    Job Qualifications
    Education, experience:

    *Post-secondary education in a discipline relating to nonprofit or arts management, business administration or theatre
    And/or 1-2 years’ experience working for a non-profit, arts organization or equivalent

    Desired Skills and Aptitudes:

    *Strong attention to detail
    *Strong email writing skills, with the ability to manage a high volume of emails
    *Strong written and verbal communication skills in English and French (Advanced level in English written and verbal, Intermediate in French written and verbal)
    *Excellent organizational and time management skills with the ability to prioritize and multitask, while also helping others to stay organized
    Demonstrated ability to work efficiently and communicate in a team setting with staff, the board of directors and volunteers
    *Ability to communicate with the general public, donors and funders in a professional and friendly manner
    *Excellent problem solver
    *Knowledge of MS Office programs (i.e. Excel, Word, Access), Gmail, G SUITE, Google Calendar and Mailchimp, knowledge and experience using databases is a plus
    *Demonstrated experience working in a non-profit organizations a plus

    Must be eligible for Emploi Quebec’s Subvention Salariale program: (Interview priority will be given to those who have already obtained their EQ eligibility letter.)
    Job Description
    General Artistic Support

    * Assisting the Artistic and Executive Director with PWM’s artistic calendar, coordinating artist availabilities and confirming dates with artists
    * Coordinating development workshop needs and materials including space set up, scripts, lighting, sound and projection requirements
    *Event planning including PWM’s upcoming Annual General Meeting and support for public readings
    *Coordinating studio rentals including key and alarm code issuance, and rental documentation
    *Updating PWM’s database with the outcomes of all artistic projects and events, and filing paperwork with the appropriate artistic associations or funding body
    *Collecting artist feedback for granting purposes
    *Update and maintain PWM’s script library, and implement an effective PWM archival system of production programs
    *Assisting with PWM’s programs including the Young Creators Unit, the Cole Competition for Emerging Translators

    General Administrative Support

    *Studio, office and inventory maintenance – including ordering of supplies and maintaining a clean studio and office space
    *Taking staff meeting minutes, and storing them in G SUITE
    *Answering the PWM telephone, responding to public inquiries and the daily checking of voicemail
    *Assist in maintaining accurate newsletter lists of artists, donors and members
    *Administrative processing of monthly donations in PWM’s database
    *Assist in maintaining clean filing systems
    *Assisting the General Manager with fundraising and development tasks such as: assisting with PWM’s spring fundraiser, writing grant and sponsorship proposals and assisting with the coordination of the PWM Fundraising Committee.
    Application Deadline
    August 6, 2018
  • Showroom warehouse General work
    Reference Code
    Company Type
    Persian & Oriental Carpets Sale to Public & Internet sales
    Job Qualifications
    Knowledge of Computers,Driving Licence,
    Job Description
    Keeping the showroom organised following standard written protocols,
    Heavy lifting placing of carpets in piles,
    General work keeping the place clean.
    At times going with other staff members for deliveries of Carpets.
    Neat dress code.
    at times clients interaction.
    Application Deadline