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Tap into the wealth of knowledge and experience of our volunteers from all branches of industry and trade to help you in your job search or career transition

Start by browsing our online database of specialists from a variety of different roles and industries and connect for career development advice. Job search, career transition and advancement strategies can be explored through informational interviews with these volunteers.

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Don’t see what you are looking for? If you are seeking to connect with a specific individual from a particular field or industry not featured in our database, just drop us an email at and we will make every effort to help!

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Clients should have already met with a YES Career Counsellor before requesting a meeting with a volunteer. Meetings can take place in-person, via telephone or online. Simple questions for the Human Library volunteers can be conducted via email.  All connections are made with the support and assistance of the YES Mentorship Coordinator. Meetings depend on the availability of our volunteers and are not guaranteed.

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