Art Sales & Auction House Professional

Art Sales Professional with ten years experience in international art sales and studio / gallery management. Keen business development skills with a solid art foundation and a proven track record of identifying and pursuing opportunities for growth. Curated two solo shows of works by Paresh Maity and Robert Marc, as well as group exhibitions of works by Modern, Post-War & Contemporary Masters including Picasso, Soutine, Nolde, Klimt, Dubuffet, Fontana, Warhol and Hirst. Compiled and exclusively sold a private collection of seven paintings including works by Picasso, Sisley, Pissarro, and Soutine, valued in excess of £10 million for client in Switzerland. Holds an MPhil in Art & Connoisseurship, 1860- present, and a BA in Art History. Entrepreneurial and inventive, with an attitude towards success.

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