Customer Experience Manager & Strategist

“I had no idea what I wanted to do in life until I was 27 years old!’’
Today she is a successful Customer experience manager, passionate about her work, and takes pride in creating unique user-centric experiences in a multidisciplinary and collaborative fashion.
Her career started as a digital business analyst for one of the biggest marketing agencies in Canada. Needless to say, there were, and still are, very few women in this industry. However, this did not discourage nor intimidate her to continue down this path. After all, she had just graduated with a Master’s degree in IT where she was the only girl in all of her classes.  She transitioned naturally from Business Analyst to Digital Product Manager. She was able to create a truly collaborative environment for her and her team. As a highly respected leader, she led several digital projects for international and national brands, always making sure to deliver value-added products for her clients, while aligning project priorities with business goals. 
After 4 successful years as a Digital Product Manager,  she made a shift in her career towards a more strategic role, namely as a Customer Experience Manager and Strategist for one of the most successful telecommunication companies in Quebec. This position allows her to be closer than ever to the customers and thereby better understand their needs. Her daily tasks include creating multi-channel experiences based on real customer needs and market trends. Working on implementing such diverse channels, very often means to collaborate directly with end-users through interviews and workshops.

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