Business Consultant & Executive Coach

An independent consultant in the areas of business strategy, marketing, communications, business development as well as executive business and career coaching and mentoring. A strong advocate for supporting young entrepreneurs and start-up companies with guidance, he acts as an advisor and mentor for young and upcoming entrepreneurs in Montreal.
His professional interests focus on business strategy, marketing, communications, consumer behaviour, social media, executive and career coaching, restructuring and turn-around projects and his current projects include consulting for a China based online software company, an Iowa based start-up software company, a Montreal based medical diagnostic service company and a new foodservice franchise concept based out of Italy for the North American market.
In addition, he serves as an executive business and career coach for a variety of clients locally and abroad while also acting as a personal advisor to a select few CEO’s around the globe. In addition to his consulting role, he has worked in many start-up companies ranging from biotechnology, importations of consumer electronics, medical clinics, medical testing services, foodservice and hospitality, entertainment and has experience in manufacturing, distribution, B2C, B2B in a variety of industries.

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