The YES Holiday Job Rush Campaign: Getting Montreal's Youth into the Workforce 2009-11-30

Montreal, November 25, 2009: Money does grow on trees this holiday season at YES. For three weeks, YES has been searching the City of Montreal for jobs. Today, they unveil their holiday tree ornamented with a different kind of gift: job postings.

“The reality is that it’s harder than ever for us to find work – young people are the hardest hit by recent job losses in the job market” says David Harrison, a young job seeker and YES client. “This is the most significant holiday gift YES could offer us”.
The YES holiday tree is decorated with countless jobs, from retail and service to administrative. To help clients like David secure these holiday jobs, YES also offers them free use of research resources, workshops and counselling services. These services keep job seekers motivated, organized, positive, and effective in their search for employment.
 “Not every employer posts the positions they are looking to fill. In fact 80% of all jobs are never advertised,” says Iris Unger, Executive Director of YES. ”We recognize the need to make ‘hidden jobs’ available to job seekers and so we’ve taken this proactive approach.”
The YES centre is open Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Students or businesses who require more information can contact YES Montreal at (514) 878-9788 or stop by the YES centre at 666 Sherbrooke Street West on the 7th floor.
As a not-for-profit organization, YES Montreal (Youth Employment Services) enriches the community by providing English-language support services to help Quebecers find employment and start businesses.
For further information, media representatives may contact:
Daniel Goodfellow     
Director, Communications & Marketing
Tel: 514.878.9788 ext. 322
Iris Unger
Executive Director
Tel: 514.878.9788 ext. 301

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