At this year's YES Entrepreneurship Conference, win a cash prize of $2500 and much more with YES Montreal's E-Ship Idol Contest! 2009-03-05

As part of this year's Entrepreneurship Conference, YES is hosting a competition for entrepreneurs who wish to start-up or grow their business. This contest provides the possibility of winning a $2500 cash prize, two FREE consultations with an “All-Star Advisory” for up to one year (expert business professionals including a successful entrepreneur, lawyer, accountant and one bonus “all-star”) plus enrolment into the YES Mentorship Program for Entrepreneurs. So whether you have a great business idea or operate an existing new business, the E-Ship Idol contest is for you!

Eligibility criteria
-        you are 18 years old and over;  
-        you are eligible to work in Canada;
-        you have an existing business with no more than 6 months of sales or;
-        you will launch your business (with sales) within 6 months
Required documents (5 items)
1)       E-Ship Idol Application Form (see below)
2)       Cover letter stating Why you want to be an “E-Ship Idol” (max 250 words),
3)       Curriculum vitae (up to date, max 2 pages)
4)       2 short letters of reference from current or potential clients,
5)        “Executive Summary” (max 4 pages) of your business plan, including:
o    Your Company (who, what, where, when)
o    Market Opportunity and Objectives( target market size and accessibility)
o    Sales and Distribution (how you will achieve those objectives)
o    Financial plan (start-up costs and financing projection)
Deadline for applications
-        Your completed E-Ship Idol application must be received by mail or dropped off in person to YES Montreal (666 Sherbrooke St, W, 7th Floor, Montreal, H3A 1E7) no later than 5pm on March 23rd, 2009. 
Please Note:
-        Documents received after the deadline will not be accepted
-        All selected candidates will be notified and must present their business (5min max) to a selection committee.
-        Selected finalists will then be required to present their business (5min max) at the YES Entrepreneurship Conference on April 18, 2009 to the entire audience including panel of judges.
-        The E-Ship Idol winner will be selected via electronic voting at the Conference
-        The E-Ship Idol winner must start their business and have sales within 6 months of conference date.
-        Prize money will be awarded in 2 installments. 
Contest Restrictions
The following types of businesses are NOT eligible for this contest:
-        businesses in the domain of sex, religion or political affiliation
-        bars and massage parlours
-        alternative health
-        research and development
Evaluation criteria
-        Idea potential (chances for success) 20%                                                                                 
-        Innovation (originality, uniqueness, economic potential) 20%                        
-        Project sustainability  15 %
-        Entrepreneur(s) profile (talent, skills, experience\training, motivation, vision) 30 %
-        Market (knowledge of target market) 15 %
To contact us for more information:                                

YES Montreal
666 Sherbrooke St. W, 7th Floor
Montreal, Quebec H3A 1E7
Tel: 514-878-9788                                                                                                                                                                                 
Fax: 514-878-9950

To download the E-ship Idol application form in Word, click HERE. For a PDF version, click HERE.