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Are you an experienced professional with a sense of commitment and desire to give back?
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Become a YES Mentor

Mentorship services at YES facilitate the transfer of knowledge and wisdom from an experienced professional (a mentor) to a younger colleague (a mentee). The mentor acts as a guide, a role model and advisor to a mentee, who is willing to learn from the mentor’s experiences in order to develop their career or business. 

The Human Library is a new, quick access initiative whereby the clientele of YES can browse through an anonymous online database of experienced professionals and request to connect with a volunteer for career or business development guidance.

These connections can be one-off informational conversations whereby mentors share their experience and impart guidance to help advance a mentees business or career. Longer term mentoring relationships can be pursued when both parties express an interest.
Connections can be in-person, online, by telephone or simply some directed email questions. The YES Mentorship Coordinator facilitates communications between parties and is a source of support throughout the mentoring process.

Here at YES, we value the contribution of our volunteers and try to foster community amongst our mentors. Regular networking and training sessions are offered to mentors so they may engage with their peers, share ideas and benefit from each other’s experience. 
If you have knowledge and experience that could be useful to a job seeker, entrepreneur or artists then join us and become part of the Human Library as an advisor! Complete the form below and we will get the ball rolling…

If you are a client looking to view the profiles of our mentors, please visit the Human Library!

For more information about the Human Library and mentoring initiatives at YES, contact Leann Brown, Mentorship Program Coordinator at or (514) 878-9788 ext. 308.

Become a Mentor