THANK YOU for making a difference and helping up surpass our fundraising goal of $35,000!

Think about what you would do:

Imagine that your son or daughter is sitting at the dinner table questioning whether they will stay in Quebec and whether there are economic opportunities here for them. Imagine that the day itself arrives, and duvets and clothes and miscellaneous items are stuffed into suitcases and bags, and you feel dizzy from the loss. That’s why YES is here!

Imagine that you have a great business idea. Maybe you’ve just arrived here to start your new life in Quebec. You’re full of hope, but you are struggling to navigate the bureaucracy and legal hurdles that are facing you. You’ve been to three offices, filed five forms, spent $200, lost a day of work—and you’re not even close to getting the permits and licenses you need. You really need someone to guide you as you develop your plan. That’s why YES is here! 

Imagine that your good friend is a talented musician who is struggling to survive financially. They are so close to succeeding but need a hand in managing the business side of their passion -- the marketing, the grants, the accounting. That’s also why YES is here!   

Imagine that your adult child has tried for months to find a job, but he’s overwhelmed, he’s lost his motivation and he’s heading towards depression. YES is there for him too!

We know that job seekers often feel demotivated, lost, uninspired or even despondent while hunting for a job. We know that starting a business is a big undertaking. We know that artists and creative professionals thrive in climates of strong professional networks, resources and support. As a non-profit charity, we help individuals, families and the community to achieve social and economic integration; and we have been dedicated to this goal for the past 20 years. 

We do this by helping your sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, neighbors and friends find a job, establish a business or earn income from their art, right here in Quebec.

Ask yourself, what would you do?

Please help YES help others.  Please give today.

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To donate by phone or in person, or for more information on our fundraising efforts, please call Iris Unger at (514) 878-9788 ext. 301 or email iu@yesmontreal.caCheques are made payable to Youth Employment Services. Receipts will be issued for gifts of $10 or more.

Here is how YOU can make a difference:

•    Help a young job seeker 
•    Help a new entrepreneur 
•    Help a woman in technology 
•    Help a talented artist  

YES Charitable Registration Number: 88872 9050 RR 0001