Well established and successful in your profession, you may not remember all the challenges you faced when you first started your career. Despite the booming economy in Montreal, finding meaningful work here remains difficult for many people.  Our studies at YES show that English speakers have a harder time; new arrivals who don’t speak French well enough have more difficulties in setting up their own business here; women in the STEM sectors encounter roadblocks to advancing in their careers. YES has programs, resources and know-how to help all these people start (or re-start) their careers or entrepreneurial visions and contribute to our community.

Your contribution helps us help more people, with more targeted programs

In the past year at YES:
• We completed a pilot mentorship program for women in STEM working at SMEs. We know that mentorship can be a key factor to their success.  We are now hoping to transform the online, turnkey tool into a viable service for more SMEs;
• Our job search program had a 75% success rate, and our internship program saw 100% of interns hired permanently;
• We helped start or grow 538 businesses through our entrepreneurship programs;
• We helped train 15 youth, who had serious barriers to employment, learn life and work skills through a new intensive two month program. 14 of the 15 are now successfully working in paid internships.

These are some of the many initiatives that YES undertakes in the course of a year, thanks in no small part to the generous support of people like you.  

Last year, in total, YES:
• served 4,048 clients (29% held an undergraduate degree; 17% held a Masters or PhD); 
• helped 507 artists better understand business fundamentals to earn a living from their art; 
• ran 2,849 individual coaching sessions and 599 group coaching sessions for budding entrepreneurs.

YES strives daily to ensure that more success stories are made possible. Stories like those of Damian, George and Ingrid and many others... 



Damian arrived in Montreal from Mexico in 2009. As a ‘new to the city’ artist working with photography, he had no network and did not know where to start, so he began attending workshops and booking regular appointments with the YES Artist and Business Coaches to help him build his creative practice as a business. 

“Working with YES has allowed me to create a stronger network of possible collaborators and people that can give my work as reference. I have gained a lot of practical knowledge, especially regarding how to run my practice as a business. It has also enabled me to give back to the community.”

Damian’s compelling images are exhibited in museums and galleries throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Some of his clients include Les Grand Ballets Canadiens and Mercedez Benz, and his photographs were featured in Vogue Latin America and Elle Mexico.

Before getting his current position, George suffered a string of unfulfilling jobs. Out of work for several months due to an injury, he was looking for new job opportunities as his health recovered. He arrived at YES eager and motivated to get his career back on track.

"At first, the job search program wasn’t something I had considered taking because I already had a couple years of work experience. My intentions were to complete a few workshops and find work on my own, but I am truly grateful I decided to give the program a try.” 

“As a direct result of the program and great coaching that was provided to me, I improved my job hunting methods and all aspects of the interview process. I also experienced some personal growth as I gained more self-confidence which is invaluable for anyone searching for work."

Ingrid first arrived in Quebec from Benin to pursue her Master’s degree at the University of Montreal, but has since become an ambitious entrepreneur. 

In 2015, she founded Coo-Mon, a company that offers unique fashion accessories for men, women and children that blend African, Canadian and Guadeloupian cultures. 

“I have been actively using the YES business coaching services, and truly appreciate that my coach is able to not only answer my questions, but also help me understand where I need to focus and provide me with a different perspective to problem-solving.”

“I dream big for my business and am happy that YES keeps me focused and determined on my way to achieving my entrepreneurship goals.”

Thanks to your generous support of our annual appeal, we can help make a difference to so many people – and contribute to the diversity and success of our economy.  

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