YES hosts many events and initiatives that need partners and sponsors:

•   Business Skills for Creative Souls Artists Conference
•   Tune In To YES Fundraising Event
•   Entrepreneurship Conference

To find out ways you or your business can sponsor one of our programs or events please call Iris Unger at (514) 878-9788 ext. 301 or email iu@yesmontreal.ca.

There are many benefits of sponsoring non-profit charities like YES, but here are the most common:

1.    Increasing brand loyalty
2.    Brand differentiation
3.    Changing/strengthening brand image
4.    Creating company or product awareness and visibility
5.    Driving retail traffic or sales
6.    Highlighting community responsibility, or corporate social responsibility
7.    Building new and deeper community networks
8.    Enhancing company's credibility and educating the public about products and services
9.    The opportunity to demonstrate your products or services
10.   Entertaining clients (can be important when sponsoring cultural or athletic events)
11.    Targeting a niche market
12.    Recruiting, retaining or motivating employees
13.    Fostering talent and teaching new skills to employees