Community Initiatives - Y4Y Quebec

Y4Y Quebec is a provincial non-profit youth network committed to addressing the issues facing English-speaking youth (ages 16-30). This will be accomplished by developing a platform to share information across the province, developing youth leadership skills and to encourage representation in the community, providing networking opportunities and advocating on behalf of youth and the issues that are important to them.
By providing information, resources and networking opportunities, Y4Y Quebec aims to allow young people to renew their confidence and develop their skills so they can reach their full potential and become active members of the community. In addition, Y4Y addresses the lack of awareness, and the lack of access to, services offered in English in the province of Quebec. 
The Y4Y Quebec network aims to address the sense of isolation English-speaking youth feel when they begin to enter the Quebec labour market. Y4Y Quebec will develop a network of resources that is accessible to the English-speaking youth community. Y4Y Quebec will achieve this through the following objectives:
a. Providing a platform to share information on resources, training and networking opportunities, and employment/career services for English-speaking youth (age 16-30) via outreach to communities throughout Quebec;
b. Supporting English-speaking youth (age 16-30) in accessing support resources and networks through the help of regional ambassadors throughout Quebec;
c. Providing networking opportunities for English-speaking youth (age 16-30) in Quebec, to include opportunities for engaging with the official language majority;
d. Providing a vehicle for youth to take leadership roles in their community and inspire their peers to become involved in influencing public policy to ensure that all language groups are equally represented in Quebec society with the goal of optimizing employability, the acquisition of French language skills as well as social and economic integration;
e. Creating a strong sense of belonging to the community so that all youth will feel a part of Quebec society.
Y4Y Quebec is made up of a core group of dedicated youth who share a common goal of cultivating and sustaining an active youth led network in Quebec. They work in collaboration with community organizations to maximize their efforts by creating a link with English-speaking youth, and to connect, promote and mobilize English-speaking youth so that they are aware of supports available to them, which will ensure they reach their full potential and remain in Quebec.
The end goal is to create a sense of community among English-speaking youth and a strong sense of belonging to Quebec society. In other words, English-speaking youth will have a vehicle to take a leadership role in their community, to inspire their peers to become involved and active members of society, to liaise with and engage the French-speaking community, and to mobilize the broader English-speaking community around issues that impact the community’s vitality.


MALCOLM LEWIS-RICHMOND, President, Youth for Youth Québec
Malcolm is an undergraduate student in linguistics studies and is the President of Youth for Youth Québec, a non-profit group that represents Quebec's English-speaking linguistic minority youth community. With this group, he hopes to build bridges between the English and French-speaking communities and encourage English-speaking youth to take their place in Quebec society.  He has accumulated experience in political organizing, working in a Member of Parliament's office, and on the board of directors of a municipal party. He was the runner-up for the prestigious Young Quebecers Leading the Way award in 2017. In addition, he was previously an activist and volunteer for Les Amis du Parc Meadowbrook, a member of the Association of Pedestrians and Cyclists of NDG’s Steering Committee.

Staff: Scott Fleming
Jonathan Patton: Vice President
Hayley Campbell: Secretary
Jessica Walker: Treasurer
Gabriela Navarrete-Rolls: Director of Communications  
Shae-Lynn Roberts: Director of Membership
Alexander Gordon: Director of Outreach
Edward Lai: Director of Policy
Raymond Turcotte: Member at Large

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