Community Initiatives - Advancing Women in STEM

In collaboration with industry and community leaders, YES is leading the ‘Advancing Women in STEM’ initiative to address and identify systematic solutions to a number of challenges stifling women’s retention of and access to leadership positions within the STEM industry. 
Main Objectives:
  • Increase the understanding of systems and institutional practices in the corporate culture that affect women in the STEM industry 
  • Provide access to strategies, tools and frameworks that harness inclusive workplace environments, and ensure women’s retention and access to leadership roles 
  • Support a team of “change agents” within select pilot companies as they create internal initiatives to support female employees, and influence organizational functions and structures that hinder inclusivity and equal access to opportunity  
An important component of the program is a Community Leaders Forum taking place on January 29, 2018, which will bring together over 50 leaders from the STEM, business, legal and academic sectors for in-depth discussions and identification of policy recommendations and solutions to a number of persisting challenges facing women’s advancement in the STEM industry. The Forum’s recommendations will be utilized by four pioneering companies in Montreal as they identify internal initiatives to support and empower female employees in their respective companies.    
The Forum’s strategic recommendations and solutions will also be shared at a National level through a Federal Pan Canadian Network to advance gender equality. 
The ‘Advancing Women in STEM’ initiative is guided by an advisory committee that consists of fourteen outstanding female leaders.

Click on each of the names below to view their bios: 

Elisabeth Laett (Committee Chair), President, Executive Director, Xaphan Group
Alyson McPhee, Communications Consultant  
Cassie Rheaume, Chapter Lead & Teen Code Club Organizer, Ladies Learning Code​
Cindy Fagen, COO, SAP Labs Canada
Cynthia Grahame, Director of Human Resources, IC Axon
Doris Juergens, Vice-President, Strategy, NATIONAL Public Relations
Georgiana Laudi, Principal,
Liesl Barrell, Co-founder, ThirdWunder & Executive Director, Montreal Girl Geeks
Marie Jasmin, UI Designer, Bethesda Game Studios
Mary-Anne Carignan, Co-President, Purkinje Inc.
Nancy Cleman, Partner at Lapointe Rosenstein Marchand Melançon
Sophie Aladas, Strategic Development Manager, CAE
Vanessa Cherenfant, Director of Sales and Partnerships, Officevibe - GSoft
Veronica Polisi, HR Manager, eSignLive
The initiative is supported by :