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"I moved to Montreal on the second day of 2018, my goals were clear: learn French and get a job in the pharmaceutical industry. Being fresh out of school I set out by studying French and getting involved in as many meet ups and events as I could, where I would eventually hear about Yes. As I began to focus on my job hunt I decided to visit the Yes Montreal offices, and ever since walking into that elevator and through those doors my life has never been the same.
Before enrolling at Yes, I would spend hours tirelessly applying to jobs on websites, my LinkedIn profile was inconsistent, and my professional attire was mediocre. I was lost and confused, and going no where. The first thing I noticed at Yes, was the warm welcoming smiles everywhere. I felt that not only did the people that interacted with me really care about me, but that everyone there did. That type of support is absolutely priceless.”
Abdul Rahman Bensalim, Customer Service Representative
YES Job Search Client 2018

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“Like most people starting their own business, my biggest struggle was not knowing where to find clients. That's one of the biggest things YES helped me with; not only with brainstorming ideas as to where I might find clients, but also how to track which methods are converting the best. Once I had a better understanding of that, my business became profitable almost immediately.
On top of giving me the tools to understand how to reach my target market and how to track conversions, the YES team has always been very dedicated to my success.  Every business or artist coach I've met has made me feel genuinely important, and that they want my business to succeed as if it were their own. As a solo-preneur that kind of support is invaluable.”
Jordan Perry, Music Producer
YES Artist Client, March 2018

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“In a short amount of time, I realized the intensity of being an entrepreneur; from creating a brand, to accounting, web-design, overseas production, and importing… there is always something new to learn and questions to ask. Having a place like YES to discuss and address these questions with an array of experienced coaches is invaluable. 
When I moved to Montreal last fall, I was really excited to find a place like YES. I immediately took part in the Business Bootcamp and Business Plan Workshop. It’s a great resource for meeting other entrepreneurs, and for learning about all aspects of business.
In the early days, I struggled with the basics including sourcing the right material while producing the product at home… After meeting with my coach at YES, my time management skills and productivity have improved, and I’m feeling significantly less overwhelmed.  As my company continues to expand, I’m looking forward to learning more and growing with the help of YES!”
Daniela Rojas, Founder / Owner Operator - Suniela Beach
 YES Entepreneurship Client 2018​
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