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"Before coming to YES, I was unsure about the best strategies to use to kick-start my job search and with a baby around, I couldn't afford to waste time sending hundreds of résumés to places I was never going to get hired, or I was not really interested in.   YES did not do the work for me but they helped and supported me through it, keeping me focused and motivated the whole time. That made all the difference in the world!”
Andréanne Bernier
YES Employment + Entrepreneurship (formerly YES Montreal)
  Job Search Client 2019

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“I met with the YES Artist Business Coach and together, we faced each challenge, one at a time. She was able to give me insight I didn’t have, and it was a great help. She definitely helped me go through some steps with my project from how to do a proper follow-up after a networking event, to analyzing contracts and grant writing.

Now, we are building a stronger team, we got our first grant, we're working on our second album and planning our international development. Having those sessions with her was invaluable and the support I received was priceless!”
Elsa Corgié
YES Employment + Entrepreneurship (formerly YES Montreal)
  Artist Client 2019

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 “I felt like I was the only one going through the struggle and with YES, I found a friend, a mentor and the opportunity to talk to fellow entrepreneurs along with the realization that the hard problems of today are just a stepping stone towards a brighter future.

The best part about YES was the personal growth that I experienced from learning how to handle everyday problems. YES gives you the tools to put in your toolbelt so that you can tackle any problem that comes your way.”
Wilfred Valenta, Silofit 
YES Employment + Entrepreneurship (formerly YES Montreal)
 Client 2019
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"I have learned a lot about myself in the process of having to identify my strengths and weaknesses for my job search, knowledge that can give me insight into other areas of my life. The coaching I have received at YES has been a huge contributing factor in helping me achieve my goals. I have regained my confidence and my belief in myself, which is priceless. I am really thankful to YES as an organization and to the team as a whole. Special thanks to Matt Shaw for his unwavering support!”
Nova Lee-Fortier
YES Employment + Entrepreneurship (formerly YES Montreal) Client 2019
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