YES Employment + Entrepreneurship October Client of the Month


Filiz Yildiz studied Communications at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver before moving to Europe where she studied jewellery design in Istanbul and worked in fashion for 8 years. In 2017, she settled in Montreal and continued her studies at École de joaillerie de Montréal. During her travels Filiz was inspired by the strong connections she made with women around the world and wanted to infuse this collective female empowerment into her works. For this reason all of her works are inspired by heroines from history. A few years later, she learned about YES Employment + Entrepreneurship when a friend suggested one of our grant-writing workshops. After the workshop, she became a YES client and has been working with Artist Business Coach, Gonzalo Coloma as her mentor ever since. 

“I have learned so much in the meetings I’ve  had with my mentor,” Filiz says. “Not only was I successful in receiving a grant after having three failed attempts prior, but I have also been able to find manageable strategies to grow my network."

With the guidance of YES,  Filiz has developed short-term and long-term strategies to achieve her goals for her company, The Bow Jewelry. Currently, her work has grown from a local reach to an international one.  Her works have recently been published in Clin d'oeil and Vero Magazine.

“I am so thankful for my mentor and the programs of YES in helping me achieve my growth,” she says. “The guidance they have given not only helped me in growing my network but having a mentor also gave me a sense of security when making important decisions about my strategies. As a solopreneur having an experienced mentor who truly cares about my growth to discuss ideas with has been an invaluable part of the experience and I am grateful for all his guidance”. 

Find out more about The Bow Jewelry.